Zero Intolerance

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J. R. FroelichMay 29, 2013 

It's a noble endeavor, this thing called zero tolerance. Most of the responsibilities our governmental agencies enforce are badly misdirected if not abused. The concept of zero tolerance can be used for good, but that requires wisdom. It can also be used for evil. Expel the little boy in kindergarten for using a pencil or his finger as a gun, but give revolving door access to gang bangers, muggers and thieves.

Zero tolerance is nothing new in America. Unfortunately, most educators have been brainwashed with the philosophy of misdirected, even subversive, tolerance. There have been far too many decades of "live and let live" and "if it feels good, do it." The result is several generations of Americans who really don't understand the importance of right versus wrong, freedom versus "it's the law." We see fewer and fewer Americans standing for what's right. Too many Americans simply accept, "I didn't write the law, sir, I'm just here to enforce it." Typical sheep.

You didn't learn this in public school, but Christianity and Islam have been at war for almost 2,000 years. Islam requires the eradication of non-believers; Christians profess to love their neighbor. Radicals on both sides proclaim that the two shall never live in peace.

Prior to the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, this religious war raged for centuries. You see, the Arabs and the Hebrews share the same father, Abraham. They are half-brothers.

I, being a Christian and a patriotic American, believe in our Creator, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I do not tolerate the Islamic philosophy. Here's why:

Theologically speaking we are incompatible. Allah, or Jehovah, is the Supreme God Muslims, Jews and Christians worship. American principles require that we should be respectful of all religious faiths but does not allow for dominance, under the penalty of death, of a single belief. Sharia law requires it. Religiously the Qur'ãn (or Koran), allows for no other religion to be tolerated. This is in blatant conflict with American law.

Politically speaking, we have nothing in common. Islamic mullahs, who teach annihilation of Israel and the destruction of America, are the actual and very real power behind every Islamic throne. Absolute power from the pulpit is incompatible with democracy. What would the definition of "Boston Strong" be to Muslims?

Islam, the Prophet Muhammad, nor the Qur'ãn allows freedom of religion or expression. Domestically, women are simply possessions to be bent to the whimsical will of the owner.

Our very Constitution would not be tolerated by Muslims because it is based on Christian-Judeo principles. Interesting, because while we pride ourselves in "One nation under God," Islam is similar in concept but totally lacking in liberty.

Considering the hunger for religious freedom of the pilgrims and the millions who followed, it makes one wonder what is attractive about America to those of Muslim belief. Exactly what, within their belief system, is attractive to Muslims? What, in heavens name, attracts them to a nation built on principles they totally reject?

What American principle led our campaigner-in-chief to declare "work-place hostility" as the reason for Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan to shout "Allah Akbar" and slaughter 13 fellow American military personnel at Fort Hood? Our president and his administration said a video was the cause of the death of four Americans in Benghazi, when they knew otherwise. Why?

Where is the outrage from the American Muslim community when incidents like Fort Hood, Benghazi, and the Boston Marathon occur? Perhaps it's in the same place as the Democratic party outrage as the Socialists take over their party. Silence. Is it ignorance or fear?

How long before we realize that history clearly shows we will be brought down from within? One can only tolerate everything for so long. Toleration of a sworn enemy will get us eliminated.

This patriot has zero tolerance for anti-Christian or anti-American philosophies.

Note: Special thanks to Mr. Bendnar, (letters May 16), for pointing out that I am consistent. I have the highest respect for the elected offices of our government. I have no respect for the liars, thugs and those who feather their own nest, while occupying far too many of those offices. Where was Mr. Bendnar's outrage when Jimmy Fallon, with president smiley, referred to him as the Preezy of the United Steezy? I refer him to Matthew 21:12,13, when Jesus drove the "den of thieves" from the temple.

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