Guerrero arrested May 22

-- Mariposa County Sheriff's OfficeMay 29, 2013 

Martin Guerrero Jr., 42, was booked into the Mariposa County Adult Detention Facility after an arrest warrant was granted and a public broadcast message was sent out in hopes of finding Guerrero.

It all began at 9:43 a.m., Tuesday, May 21, when Mariposa County Sheriff's deputies responded to the Cathey's Valley area to investigate a third party report of domestic violence incident. Deputies arrived shortly after and contacted the reported victim. The female victim reported to deputies that she had been physically beaten by her cohabitating boyfriend, Martin Guerrero Jr. In addition, it was reported that the victim had been held against her will and was sexually assaulted and beaten for several days. The victim was transported to a Merced area hospital due to her injuries, where further interview occurred by investigating deputies.

Mariposa County Sheriff's Detectives attained a search warrant to process the scene for evidence. An arrest warrant was also granted by the Mariposa County Superior Court for the arrest of Guerrero for numerous felony assault charges. Bail for the warrant was set at $100,000.

On the morning of Wednesday, May 22, a public broadcast message was disseminated to press agencies in hopes of gaining public support in locating Guerrero. The sheriff's office did receive calls reporting sightings of Guerrero. In response to those calls, an extensive search of a trailer park in Cathey's Valley resulted in the arrest of Guerrero.

On the evening of Wednesday, May 22, Guerrero was booked into the Mariposa County Adult Detention Facility on charges of rape, sodomy, felony domestic violence with serious injury and kidnapping.

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