Two sides offer perspective

Letter to the editor 5/23/13 edition

May 22, 2013 

Dear Editor,

The Sierra Star letter from Mr. Charlie Bendnar of Oakhurst once again raises a not uncommon knee jerk from a reader.

Mr. Bendnar expresses his disgust with the guest editorials of J. R. Froelich, and equal disgust with the Sierra Star for publishing them. In Mr. Bendnar's edgy opinion, J. R.'s opinions don't parallel his and therefor are blather and bullpucky. J.R. is flat-out wrong or worse and he, Mr. Bendnar is right or better. Hmmmm.

As a former guest columnist ("Trust Me") for the Sierra Star I know well that some readers don't much like the writings of a particular columnist (yes, even me) and some express support and enjoyment of the writings. That is exactly what a columnist is printed for, to offer opinions or perspectives.

If a reader is disgusted by a columnists writings I suggest he stop reading that columnist's columns. Enjoy the writings of those he enjoys or finds interesting, and give up the high blood pressure of ranting about a columnist he so dislikes. There's nothing wrong with writing a Letter to the Editor, but in my opinion there's a lot wrong with this kind of letter.

In the Sierra Star there are columnists of conservative and liberal persuasions. Reading both sides provides the reader with perspectives. By demanding the newspaper print only one side is demanding the paper ignore a huge percentage of its readers.

John W. Hays, Oakhurst

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