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Dr. Bill AtwoodMay 22, 2013 

This past week marked the 40th anniversary of the hearings held by a democratically controlled Congress into allegations of illegal activities conducted by persons working for the federal government. Those were the famous Watergate hearings led by Senator Sam Irvin. Woodward and Bernstein were cub reporters who became suspicious when they saw some of the names on a police blotter. They began to dig amidst praise from the left and attacks from the right that the investigation was being done for political reasons.

During the investigation it came out that government employees had lied and had done illegal things to people who did not agree with President Nixon. People were very upset to discover that the IRS was being used to target political enemies of the White House. Now, 40 years later, we have discovered that the IRS has been doing the same thing to groups that disagree with the White House.

I don't really expect there to be a "smoking gun" memo from the president or his close staff linking the IRS actions to the White House. What I do think will come out is that certain higher-ups will have known about the activities and did not stop them, did not expose them, did not fire an employee for doing such things, and further we will see that there existed a "culture of attack" from the White House down that prompted folks to act in a manner that may have served to get those people a promotion or bonus.

For years I have joked with a great friend of mine that I may disappear in the middle of the night for a column I have written or because of one of my weekly letters to the Obama White House was critical of his administration. I would laugh with my friend that I might become the target of an IRS audit as a punishment for those letters. Up until a couple of weeks ago I was laughing about it and now I have discovered that it could have been possible more than I could have imagined.

As if that were not bad enough, the person in charge of the unit that oversaw the department that was going after those conservative organizations has been promoted to run the IRS enforcement unit for the newly created Affordable Healthcare Law (AKA Obamacare). Frankly, if Sarah Hall Ingram's ineptness at running that department in Ohio is a representation of her abilities, I would rather not have her supervising the department in Washington D.C. that will oversee our healthcare.

The president also must face the fact that his attorney general rivals Sergeant Shultz from "Hogan's Heroes" in the world of, "I know nothing." The AG knew nothing about the scandalous treatment of those journalists working for the Associated Press. He showed up at a congressional hearing to look into the issue of these illegal seizures of phone records and he kept repeating the phrase, "I don't know."

What he doesn't know it that the Constitution of the United States prohibits illegal searches. Searches require a warrant. This leads back to the IRS story in that the IRS was identifying people for close scrutiny who had the words: "Constitution or Bill of Rights" in the title of their group. Gee, some of those organizations wanted to enlighten folks on the meaning of the Constitution to make America a better place and the IRS attacked them. They could have saved AG Holder embarrassment at not knowing what protections there are against the government getting into our lives. That Constitution sure gets in the way of Team Obama.

Finally, the national media has had to admit that there are a few areas of concern with their hero in the White House. They've tried to explain it away and they do so very well. Julian Bond's bigoted response that all who are members of the Tea Party are racists should have been denounced by the NAACP that he works with. Chris Matthews ranted that Conservatives hate the fact that the president is black. Sorry Chris, we don't think about his color but his policies, his liberal leanings, his terrorist friends, his leftist friends, his lack of understanding of capitalism and his love of big government and desire to tax us even more. We don't like his ideas of redistribution of wealth and we hate the lies. His color just doesn't matter, except to "tolerant, liberal, elitist, and encompassing" Chris Matthews.

The Benghazi attacks are still under investigation as well as the White House cover-up. The White House lied about the facts because of one reason -- the election was two months away and they were not willing to admit that the inactions of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton resulted in a terrorist attack on our embassy and the death of four Americans.

If I go missing in the middle of the night, the above 800-plus words might explain why.

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