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Dr. Bill AtwoodMay 15, 2013 

During ancient times when the messenger brought bad news to the emperor, the messenger was killed by being thrown over a cliff. That is where the phrase, "Don't kill the messenger" originated. During the past few years the folks who keep carrying the water for the Obama administration have continued to attack Fox News and conservative talk radio hosts for questioning the administration on different aspects of the agenda and actions of the White House.

Such is the nature of politics and as Will Rogers reminded folks, "It's better when your guy loses because it is easier to attack than to defend the incumbent." I remember the Watergate era and when the first news was told of the third-rate burglary at the Watergate Complex, most everyone dismissed it as unimportant. Woodward and Bernstein kept looking and as more information came to light, even Richard Nixon's most ardent supporters started walking away from him and realized that we had all been let down.

Supporters find themselves in a trap as they begin to defend what appear to be minor indiscretions and they keep defending. Once they get to a certain point they have defended so much they really either dig in their heels or they abandon the fight.

The president is in trouble. The charming ways and the smile are not going to be able to cover up the wrongs that took place during his administration.

Now we see that ABC has found the emails that show 12 changes to the talking points regarding Benghazi. I think it is probably a common practice for talking points to go through changes. What astounds me it is that the White House revised them, not for style changes as Jay Carney claims, but for political purposes. The president had been running around telling us that Al Qaeda was dead and that we were safer under his command. Then that nasty little event happened in Libya and the cover-up started.

They blamed a YouTube video that they knew from the start was an out-right lie. They had the man arrested for making it and that man is still in jail even though the Obama administration knows the video had nothing to do with the attack. Now we hear that the president had one phone conversation during the attack and then went to Las Vegas to collect cash for his campaign.

Military assets were ordered to stand down and not to defend the embassy. That is in complete defiance of all military traditions of going in to help your fellow soldiers. The Obama administration left those four to die for political gain. Hillary was right during the campaign that Obama wouldn't be ready for "The 3 a.m. phone call." Hillary was in charge at the Department of State and she proved to be worthless as well. Ambassador Steven's pleas for more security were denied. Sorry Hillary fans, but Truman said where the buck stops, and it stopped at Hillary's desk. What difference did it make? Four dead Hillary.

Now we find out that the administration demoted folks at the state department who wanted to question the actions of that department and who began to speak out. The most transparent administration showed that they are still thugs from Chicago and people were silenced. Finally three had enough and have effectively ruined their own careers by coming forward like the heroes that they are and have become "whistle-blowers."

Jay Carney tells us that Benghazi happened a long time ago but that doesn't seem to stop them from pointing back to the Bush terms to cast blame for everything bad in America. One Democratic congressman excuses the deaths in Libya with the statement that "death is a part of life." How idiotic. Would he have accepted folks saying that about civil rights advocates who were killed during protests? I hope not.

Now we learn that the IRS has admitted that conservative groups have been targeted for audits and extra scrutiny because they are conservative groups. The senior leadership at IRS stated they knew nothing about it going on but now we learn that the senior official knew about it in June of 2011. Three days into this story and the president hasn't uttered one word condemning these actions and assuring people that he wouldn't tolerate this harassment of citizens who are exercising their First Amendment rights.

Heads should be rolling at the IRS and the attorney general should be explaining why intelligence about the Tsarneav brothers wasn't shared by the FBI with the Boston Police Department.

The president must feel frustrated because in his lofty academic view of the world, just hoping for a better world doesn't make it happen. Four are dead, Obama lied from the beginning, and Romney was right on this issue last September. Don't kill the messenger.

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