It does take a village

Letter to the editor 5/9/13 edition

May 9, 2013 

Dear Editor.

As an organizer of two youth groups, Pony Club and youth cheer, and as a parent of children who are the individuals out there trying to raise money for their organizations, I applaud the words of Bill Atwood in his April 18 Sierra Star column titled "A role in upbringing."

My children raise money for football, baseball, youth cheer, pony club, rodeo royalty, wrestling, and for those in need. I am proud to say my children have learned the value of money and that the process of earning that money takes time and effort. They are always so excited when someone says "yes, I would like to buy that from you" and they walk away feeling a sense of accomplishment. They are so proud when they turn that money into their leaders and see the results of their efforts.

Thank you Mr. Atwood for sharing your thoughts in the April 18 edition of the Star.

It does take a village.

Kearson Malmgren Strong, Coarsegold

Very disgusted

Dear Editor,

What in the world is happening to Oakhurst to allow another grocery outlet opening in this small town? To top it off, closing the bowling alley, causing all the bowlers to go to Fresno to bowl. We worry about the younger generation getting into trouble and turn around and close a hangout for them. Talking with Randy (owner of Grocery Outlet on Road 426) he is not moving there and praying he will continue to have his customers remember his place of business. Just what we need -- four grocery stores in Oakhurst. This place will hurt Vons and Raley's also. We need a clothing store in order to buy clothes and socks. Down the hill we go for needed clothing and other merchandise, and give the tax money to Fresno County.

Flora A. Franck, Oakhurst

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