Yosemite is for everyone

Letter to the editor 5/9/13 edition

May 9, 2013 

Dear Editor,

I guided rides in Yosemite for many years taking the young, elderly and physically disadvantaged on trail rides. I remember a woman who was blind and disabled who rode many times. It was an experience she could not do on foot or bicycle due to her disability but on horseback it was possible. I took families on rides from age seven to 70. The equines equalized everyone and in this way everyone could enjoy the park.

I also recall many rides on horseback where guests pressed for time chose a horseback ride to experience Yosemite. Or chose to ride simply because they were not hikers.

Yosemite National Park is for everyone and there must be choices to enjoy the park. It is not a place for only the selfish jock. To discriminate against the old, young and disabled guests is wrong. Whoever is behind the fanatic extremist plans for the park need to be stopped by public outcry.

What would John Muir say?

What would Mark Wellman say? He is the paraplegic ranger who climbed El Capitan in 1989 and Half Dome in 1991 and livestock helped him get there.

It is just common sense to share the park with everyone as long as they show respect for the environment.

How aware is the general public about the plans to eliminate bicycle rentals, swimming pools, raft rentals, the ice rink and the stables operations?

What next? Eliminate rock climbing? Lets get rid of the naturalist paychecks. They have too much time on their hands.

Leena Sakalova (Conway), Hilo, Hawaii

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