Sheriff's new deputies, promotions

Deputy Larry Rich, a resident of Eastern Madera County, makes sergeant

-- Madera County Sheriff's DepartmentMay 9, 2013 

Madera County Sheriff John Anderson announced Wednesday, May 1 six significant personnel changes in the sheriff's office -- four sworn in as deputies, a deputy turned detective, and a Mountain Area detective promoted to rank of sergeant.

Deputies Miguel Hernandez, Logan Majeski, Jordan Logoluso -- all from the Valley -- and Daniel Lutz, of Coarsegold, chose to dedicate their lives as public servants in the county most familiar to them.

Deputy Sheriff Larry Rich, who has lived in Eastern Madera County his entire life, has been promoted to rank of sergeant.

Rich began his career in law enforcement as an explorer and became a full time deputy in 1988. During his 25-year career with the Madera County Sheriff's Office, Rich has made a name for himself. He ran the explorers program, served as a K9 Officer, served as a field training officer, continues to plays a pivotal role in search and rescue operations, and is credited for re-establishing the department's Off Highway Vehicle program, which he still commands.

Rich will remain in the mountains where he reports to Lt. Darin McMechan.

Deputy Toinie Jackson, of Madera Ranchos, was sworn in as deputy in January 2005. He has made a name for himself working a number of difficult cases, including one where he helped reunite a mother with her missing child. Jackson was appointed to the Valley Detective Unit where he now reports to Lt. Bill Ward.

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