Sheriff Log for 5/9/13 Edition

Eastern Madera County

May 9, 2013 


2:31 a.m., April 27 -- A deputy stopped a vehicle while on routine patrol. The passenger in the vehicle was issued a citation for possession of drug paraphernalia.

12:10 a.m., April 24 -- A deputy was on routine patrol and stopped a vehicle for expired registration. An adult male occupant in the vehicle was arrested for several outstanding warrants and booked into the Madera Department of Corrections.

7:24 a.m., April 25 -- An unknown suspect(s) used a knife to cut window screen.

4:15 p.m., April 26 -- A suspect was found to be in possession of a usable amount of marijuana on a school campus off School Road. The suspect was suspended from school and the case was referred to Madera County Probation.

9:11 a.m., April 24 -- A subject in the Raley's parking lot was driving on a suspended license and found to be in possession of marijuana.

12:22 p.m., April 25 -- Unknown suspect(s) threw eggs at a front window of a business off Highway 41 and caused $100 worth of damage.

12:49 p.m., April 23 -- Burglary reported off Hangtree Lane.

2 p.m., April 26 -- A suspect hit a victim in the face with her fist. The victim was not injured. The suspect was suspended from school. The case was referred to the Madera County District Attorney's Office.

10:50 a.m., April 21 -- One party claimed that gun shots were fired towards them as they were leaving property off Highway 41.

20:38 p.m., April 28 -- A subject was found to be intoxicated at a residence to the level that he/she could not care for himself/herself. While being transported to Madera Department of Corrections, the intoxicated subject made several threats to deputies.


9:31 a.m., April 26 -- A reporting party said that her two sons, ages 14 and 7, were walking home after being dropped off by the school bus. A white male, between 45 and 55 years old and driving a blue lifted Chevy pick-up truck alone, drove alongside the two boys and yelled at the 7-year-old. The male stopped them and stated he was a retired law enforcement officer. He asked the 7-year-old boy if he was okay, as he was suspicious of the 14-year-old. The 7-year-old stated the other boy was his brother and the male stated he did not like their haircuts. The boys walked away and the male followed them a short distance before driving away.

8:51 a.m., April 26 -- A deputy stopped a vehicle on routine patrol and the driver was cited for possession of marijuana.


12:13 p.m., April 21 -- Vandalism to a mailbox cluster. Two doors on the back of the cluster had been pried open.

10:19 a.m., April 26 -- Reporting party found gold panning equipment on his property alongside the creek.

11:51 a.m., April 28 -- Unknown suspects came onto property off Road 200 and stole some car parts along with parts of a forklift.


1:31 p.m., April 25 -- A traffic stop on an expired vehicle resulted in an arrest. The driver was found to have a no bail warrant and was arrested and transported to the Madera County Department of Corrections without incident.

12 p.m., April 24 -- An arrestee arrived at the scene, on Lilley Mountain Drive, driving a vehicle during an undercover operation regarding unlicensed contractors bidding for work. Upon contact, the arrestee was found to be driving with a suspended driver's license. The arrestee was issued a citation and released from custody. The arrestee's vehicle was towed and stored under a 30-day impound. The case was cleared by arrest.

10:05 a.m., April 25 -- An unknown suspect(s) used the victim's social security number, address and a disconnected home phone number to obtain credit from two businesses. The suspect used these fraudulently and obtained credit accounts to purchase more than $950 worth of merchandise.

2:08 a.m., April 27 -- A self-initiated vehicle check off Lucky Lane resulted in the occupant being discovered to have a couple of felony bench warrants issued for his arrest out of Yuba County. The subject was arrested without incident. The case was closed after being cleared by arrest.

4:08 a.m., April 26 -- During a routine patrol check off Lucky Lane, a deputy contacted a parolee at large. He was arrested on a felony warrant without incident. A search of his person yielded a usable amount of suspected methamphetamine and narcotics paraphernalia. He was also booked on a residential burglary charge that stemmed from a Chowchilla Police Department case. The case was forwarded to the District Attorney's Office for prosecution.

1:15 a.m., April 21 -- A subject was arrested for public intoxication at Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino off Lucky Lane. The subject was arrested and transported to Madera County Jail.

North Fork

4:28 a.m., April 25 -- Deputies were dispatched regarding a report of subjects doing "donuts" on the reporting party's property. The reporting party identified one of the possible subjects involved. Deputies located the suspect and he was found to have a local felony bench warrant issued for his arrest. The case was closed after being cleared by arrest.

2:59 p.m., April 22 -- Residential burglary off Road 223.

The above calls are a sampling of calls to the Madera County Sheriff's Office for the week of April 21-28 and are in no way inclusive.

The above calls are a sampling of calls to the Madera County Sheriff’s Office for the week of April 21-28 and are in no way inclusive.

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