From the ashes we rise

Ponder This

T.R. WilliamsMay 1, 2013 

Watching the news the evening of the Boston bombings I found myself mesmerized at the sheer heroics shown in the midst of such a disorienting tragic circumstance. The images of strangers stepping up in the aftermath, somehow roping in the chaos, and in turn salvaging many broken beings from the rubble gave me hope once again for America.

The downward spiral of our country has been taking its toll on us Americans, regardless of which party you stand with, for some time now. And yet in the blink of an eye we pull together and fight to protect and serve one another. Side by side we push through the insanity. Such actions shine hope on the future of our country.

We the people of this United States need to get back to the basics of the founding principles our blessed country was built on, holding fast to the framework that has made this the promise land for those born here as well as the millions that have come to America searching for a better life.

The poignant image of the man running alongside a wheelchair carrying one of the victims of the blasts whose legs were missing, bones protruding, will forever be etched in my heart. As he ran alongside he held in his hand on the arteries of a stranger, attempting to control his bleeding as they rushed him to safety. Such bravery should we all demonstrate, such compassion for others, such selflessness in our day to day existence -- Not only in times of duress.

Someday we will look back on these days we are living. Wouldn't it be wonderful if each of us could be proud of the days we call our life when all is said and done? That in even the smallest ways we helped makes life better for others?

The madness of the world will likely never cease. Even the wars of this generation are documented in Genesis, beginning with Isaac and Ismael -- Unrest is as old as time itself. America, as a whole has definitely strayed from our founding principles and ethics, nevertheless at the core we still have heart, we still pull together when all hell breaks loose without regard to race, religion or ethnicity. I doubt any of the rescuers inquired as to which party the victims voted for before offering a helping hand.

As we move through the next few weeks we should not focus on the evil that attacked us, but instead on the truth that we Americans are filled with compassion, regard for human life and respect for one another beyond understanding. Though our troubles pale in comparison to those war torn counties abroad, in the midst of the firestorm we somehow come together and rise from the ashes once again.

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