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Dr. Bill AtwoodMay 1, 2013 

Let's face it, mistakes happen. It just isn't a perfect world and errors occur. They especially occur in large organizations and the government is a great example of an organization at peril of error.

But when mistakes happen with the executive branch, it is incumbent on the incumbent to accept the responsibility that comes with leadership.

At first when folks started to point fingers at the White House for security lapses that resulted in the bombings at the Boston Marathon, I was hesitant to jump in and attack the Obama administration. There were rumors flying every which way and we needed to do something CNN did not do and wait until the facts started coming to the surface.

So we have an administration that doesn't seem to handle terrorist's attacks very well. First, we have a president who will not state that there is a Muslim Jihadist movement out to attack the American way of life. Fort Hood was a case of "workplace violence" the shoe bomber was a "lone wolf" and now the Tsarnaev brothers, who were unemployed and on welfare, were able to finance their plot to kill folks without any training or financial backing.

What has me more concerned is the scenario that apparently took place as follows: The brothers come to America and begin to live in the land of the free for free. They got onto the welfare roles and were accepting Food Stamps. Russia makes contact with our government and shares that they have serious and grave concerns about those boys because the Russians believe that the two have become radicalized Muslims. The FBI and the CIA apparently don't communicate with one another and somebody decided that a Russian immigrant, who is unemployed and travels back to a place in Russia known for being a center of Muslim radical training, and then after seven months, returns to the United States and his formerly Christian wife who has become Muslim, seem to be unknown to the government. They were so unknown that when the pictures of the two were being broadcast on every television station in this country, the government did not have a clue to the identity. Given the facial recognition devices and fingerprint banks I just am at a loss to understand how the FBI dropped the ball. Yet, if a single cow in a dairy in the center of the country has mad-cow disease, the government can track down that very cow in short order.

But Eric Holder doesn't have to explain because the liberal national media so wanted the bombings to be the results of a right-wing group. Tom Brokaw thinks America is to blame and the Obama folks will not say the words 'Muslim' and 'terrorists' back to back. The liberals want us to understand the feelings of the brothers.

We can have faith in Eric Holder because he has proven to be a great attorney general. He keeps crime down in so many ways. When a Black Panther group intimidated white folks on election day, it was Eric who said there was no crime. When guns were being supplied to Mexican drug dealers, it was Eric who slowed down the information during the election season and refused to turn over documents to show the errors made.

It is our dear Eric who has made it clear that illegals are not to be deported if they simply state that they are enrolled in an American school or college, and it is Eric who has directed that agents are only to take the word of the illegal and the agents are not to follow up on their story.

Eric smiles and laughs it off because he knows he is uniquely qualified to be the attorney general in this administration and he will never be called on the carpet in the Oval Office because he has one very important qualification -- his wife and Michelle Obama are best friends.

We see the president told the Syrians that the use of chemical weapons in the civil war would be a game changer and that they shouldn't cross that line in the sand.

The Syrian leader must be shaking in his boots because we all have seen what we have done to scare North Korea and Iran to give up their nuclear bomb programs.

The sad fact is that many in this nation, and now around the world, are seeing Barack Obama as an empty suit and so the world is less safe and now even in Boston at a foot race we see people are not safe and our president is afraid to even identify the enemy, lest the enemy not like him.

Some may call it being politically correct -- others may think it politically inept.

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