Accurate and beautifully written

Letter to the editor 5/2/13 edition

May 1, 2013 

Dear Editor,

I am beyond proud of the article reporter Tiffany Tuell wrote called "Coming Full Circle" that was printed in the April 18 edition of the Sierra Star.

This is honestly the best, most accurate story that ties my entire 13 years together in such a beautiful way. It makes me proud that I've overcome all that I have to get to where I am just by reading this article.

I want to thank Ms. Tuell for listening, being interested, and caring enough to highlight such a momentous time in my life -- both then and now. She is a wonderful writer, and I have already gotten many compliments on the article from posting it on my personal Facebook page.

Thank you for also including my family in the story. They often times get left out of stories, but they are who were by my side and continue to be through this journey. The title is perfect.

Again, this is by far the best article that I've had written about me (and I've had too many to count), and I thank you for making me proud of myself. The Sierra Star is extremely fortunate to have Ms. Tuell on your team.

Alyson Roth, Oakhurst

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