I urge people to come forward

Letter to the editor 5/2/13 edition

May 1, 2013 

Dear Editor,

I read your story about the Madera County grand jury report in the April 11 edition of the Star that was critical of Madera County Social Services. I lost my job months ago I went to apply to the local office and had to return a few times due to incompetence in the office.

I don't mind once, we all make mistakes but she gave me the wrong information and refused to finger print me. I was doing the best I could to provide all the information needed to get aid. I sat and waited for my appointment and could see that one of the office workers was getting stressed with the sight of people at her window as she shouted for other workers to help her.

I was talking to a Spanish speaking lady who seemed in need of food that was turned away because there was no Spanish speaking worker in the office. Finally someone came from the back and translated -- she was professional, kind and easy to talk to.

I told the Spanish speaker that I wanted to complain and she advised me if I felt my rights as a client were violated I had a right to do so. I feel that social services office in Oakhurst needs to get their act together. My social worker is also rude, shows no respect for people and thinks she's above anyone who applies.

A supervisor is as condescending as his workers are. They are there to help people, not embarrass them. I urge people to come forward to share their experiences with the agency.

Cynthia Taylor, Oakhurst

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