Cavanaugh's report of Congressman Tom McClintock inaccurate

Letter to the editor 4/18/13 edition

April 17, 2013 

Dear Editor,

For any who were not at Senator Tom McClintock's April 1 town hall meeting, please let me assure you that Peter Cavanaugh's version of it as written in his April 11 opinion column was inaccurate. Susan Rowe came to pick a fight. McClintock's full answer to her question was far more than Peter indicated. Congressman McClintock clearly stated that he supported protective measures for all women, but he would not support a bill that allowed Native American Indian courts to have jurisdiction over non-reservation citizens no matter what the misleading title of the bill might be.

Ms. Rowe refused to accept his detailed response, and continued her disruptive behavior, until other attendees shouted her down.

And "yes" Alan Cheah was "annoyingly" uninformed, and like Ms. Rowe, refused to listen to the well documented and carefully presented response Congressman McClintock gave to his overly long question/speech regarding stimulating the economy and job growth.

For the record Peter, actual Tea Party members numbered maybe 10 out of the 60 or so present. The overwhelming majority of attendees were concerned citizens wanting to know what was being done to address runaway spending, massive unemployment and debt, Obamacare, the Merced River Plan and the other very serious problems caused by the liberal sociocrats now in office.

They applauded his factual answers and well informed representation of their interests. So your insinuation that this was some kind of Tea Party gathering was misleading. Why do you always assume that those who don't share your beliefs are somehow unworthy to be heard? That attitude is what's killing this country.

Steve Hall, North Fork

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