The makings of a modern fairytale

Yosemite High to present 'The Love for Three Oranges' at 7 p.m., May 2-4

Tiffany TuellApril 17, 2013 

Yosemite High theatre students are preparing to regale audiences with an a comedic modern fairytale called "The Love for Three Oranges." The play, which will be held at 7 p.m., May 2-4 at the YHS theatre, is full of odd twists and turns that students say the audience will never guess.

"The Love for Three Oranges" was originally written by Carlo Gozzi in 1919 to be an opera. YHS Theatre Arts teacher Lars Thorson, who has been re-writing the opera and turning it into a modern play, calls the final products "a foolishly modern fairytale."

"It's very amusing to see old fictional characters and kings turned into CEOs and demons turned into people from the IRS," said junior Jacob Caldwell.

Thorson said the play features broad physical comedy, characters who transform into other worldly creatures and much hilarity.

"This crazy, modern story follows a sad, sickly young man whose life is miserable until he is cursed by a sexy witch to find three giant oranges," Thorson said. "On his quest he encounters many strange and magical creatures. A modern-day tale of good and evil is played out as the young man discovers love, friendship and ability to laugh."

The 20 student cast is led by YHS junior Lance Litton, 17, senior Scott Smith, 17, senior Stephanie Brown, 18, and Caldwell, 16.

Litton plays Prince Tartaglia, the sickly, cursed, young man.

"I like it because he's super dramatic and it's fun to act out the physical comedy bits, too," Litton said.

Smith plays the lead clown who is sent to try to bring some cheer to Prince Tartaglia (Litton). Smith says he enjoys acting out the physical comedy feats and he also likes dialogue because it's full of jokes relevant to pop culture.

Brown plays as the evil witch Fata Morgana, who puts the curse on Tartaglia.

"I like that my character is very, very mean because I'm not like that so it's fun to play," Brown said.

Caldwell plays the a narrator who can't seem stay out of the action. He is also known as Celio who is a magician.

"It (the play) is very amusing for everyone, even kids will enjoy it," Caldwell said. "We have so many odd and funky characters that it's amusing just to watch them."

Thorson encourages the community to attend the upcoming play and have some laughs while supporting student theater.

"This play is all about having fun and making the audience laugh and they students are having a lot of fun with it as well," Thorson said.

Tickets cost $8 for adults and $5 for students. The play is appropriate for middle school children and above. For reservations call (559) 683-4667 ext. 256.

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