Single car accident leads to drunk driving arrest

April 3, 2013 

According to the California Highway Patrol, around 3:40 p.m., Monday, March 25, Aram Atikian, 66, of Fresno, was driving a 1988 Cadillac northbound on Crane Valley Road (426) at an unknown speed. Due to allegedly being under the influence of an alcoholic beverage, he turned the Cadillac from the northbound lane, crossed the southbound lane and left the west road edge.

Upon leaving the west road edge, the left side of the Cadillac impacted a rock, which forced the Cadillac in the northeast direction across the road. The Cadillac then left the east road edge of Road 426 and the right front of the vehicle impacted a utility pole.

After this impact, the vehicle traveled in a southwest direction across Road 426, left the west road edge and the front of the vehicle impacted the mountainside. After this impact, the vehicle came to a rest on its wheels, facing a northwest direction, partially in the northbound lane of Road 426 and partially against the mountainside.

Atikian suffered no injuries and was arrested at the scene.

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