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Dr. Bill AtwoodApril 3, 2013 

This past couple of weeks has seen some interesting activities play out in the national media. Each brings into view the thoughts of one group of folks that differ from the thoughts of other folks. What is interesting is how these differences are handled by the courts of law and the court of public opinion.

Mayor Bloomberg of New York has decided that he knows what is best and has restricted the size of soda the citizens of his city may purchase . Who died and made him king? It is a freedom issue here and nothing else. Granted, there are governmental controls on certain items for reasons of health and addiction. However; the mayor has decided that he knows best when it comes to the amount of soda one may purchase in certain areas but not in others. It shouldn't be left up to him. If he wants to campaign on a healthier lifestyle then more power to him but he doesn't have the right to dictate his beliefs. Both courts have rejected his actions.

Last week we heard about a school principal banning the word "Easter" at school. She doesn't want to offend anyone. Excuse me, but that offended a bunch of Christians. So now kids are never to utter the word Easter ever again. I guess they can never discuss the 'easterly' storms that hit the East Coast. They can't discuss the Easter Islands, Easter parades, Easter hats, Easter season in their church, Easter anything. She did not ban them discussing premarital sex, abortion, atheism, covetness, tobacco use, drug useof violent video games. No, that would be a violation of First Amendment Rights, however it is ok with her that she bans any mention of the resurrection of Jesus.

We have folks who want to ban gun ownership or at least limit the ownership of those weapons. What part of the phrase, "shall not be infringed," do they miss? I see that the Department of Homeland Security is beefing up their ammunition supplies, buying armored trucks and deploying them across the fruited plains. The elected ones and the Hollywood elite all have private security systems in place but they don't want law-abiding citizens to have the ability to protect themselves. The Founding Fathers distrusted government for good reason and they wanted to ensure that the public had the firepower to fire back. Jim Carrey can make fun of Charlton Heston all he wants but Heston was right when he stated, "From my cold, dead hands."

The Supreme Court is deciding in the next few weeks a case involving the issue of same sex marriage. Let's look past the issues of the case and look at the issue as an assault on our liberty. The Tenth Amendment states that all powers not delegated to the federal government are reserved to the states and the people. The people of the State of California have voted not once but twice to ban same-sex marriage. It isn't the right of the federal government to overrule the vote of the people making this a federal law. Each state should determine this issue.

For those of you who want to focus on the issue that the federal government should be able to redefine marriage as no longer being between a man and a woman please consider the following options that are also out there: Bigamy and polygamy. I just think the Supreme Court should allow states to decide as stated in the Tenth Amendment. By the way, the State of California isn't defending how the voters voted because our elected leadership happens to agree with the same-sex crowd. The State Attorney General should be impeached for failing to carry out her duty to us and not her own political agenda.

A Florida college instructor asked his students to stomp on a piece of paper with the name "Jesus" printed on it. He wanted to teach about how we see symbols. One student rebelled, got in trouble, and the college backed down. There are better ways for the instructor to have made his point. He would not have dared to have the students do the same with "Mohammed" printed on that sheet. His head would have rolled for sure.

We need to learn to be respectful of one another but we also need to learn that the Constitution starts with, "We the people" and not, "I the person." If you don't celebrate Easter that is your right but it is my right to celebrate it. It is my right to own a gun and it is our right to petition and place referendums on the ballot and have those outcomes adhered to and defended in the courts by our leaders.

It's the way the system works. By the law and not by dictates.

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