Stolen goods recovered from U-Haul in Ahwahnee

-- Madera County Sheriff's DepartmentApril 3, 2013 

Four people were taken into custody after a car containing contraband and a U-Haul minivan, filled with evidence of credit/debit fraud as well as unique artifacts including a 60" flat screen TV, were seized in Ahwahnee last weekend.

Those arrested include:

21-year old Kevan (also spelled Keven sometimes) Ryan Young, of Banning, remains jailed without bail on a warrant issued out of Kings County for narcotics without bail.

43-year old Matthew Wayne Wilkins, of Fresno, remains jailed without bail. He was wanted on several felony bench warrants, issued out of Fresno, including burglary and narcotics.

25-year old Cutter James Randrup, of Coarsegold, was booked for narcotics. He posted his bail, which was set at $5,000.

27-year old Kara Nicole Raynor, of Ahwahnee, was also arrested for narcotics. She posted her bail, which was also set at $5,000.

All four were arrested Friday, March 29, after deputies received word of a suspicious U-Haul minivan -- occupied by Young and Wilkins -- parked near Road 600 and Little Rock Road in Ahwahnee around 8:30 p.m. A Nissan -- occupied by Raynor and Randrup -- was parked next to it.

Contraband was seized from inside the car. Inside the U-Haul minivan, deputies found evidence of credit/debit card fraud, including extensive paperwork containing names of credit card holders, account information, a number of blank credit/debit cards, a lap top and a credit/debit card reader.

Additional items found inside the minivan, that deputies believe may have been acquired through fraudulent means, include:

A solid wood duck about 8-10" in length

A large blue telescope, to look at the stars

A black metal mariner's lamp, antique with handle

A old wooden radio

A 60" flat screen TV

Deputies say that, considering only two of the suspects live in Madera County, there is no way to know how much more property was stolen.

The U-Haul minivan had Arkansas license plates.

Anyone who may have information about these four suspects, and the property found inside the U-Haul truck, is urged to contact the Madera County Sheriff's Office (and reference case # 13-1395), or call CRIME STOPPERS at (559) 498-STOP.

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