Those innocent days

A Senior View

Ed LyonsMarch 27, 2013 

Last week, I watched an "Andy Hardy" movie. You remember -- the series with Mickey Rooney as a young man and his family during the 1940s.

I was shocked as I relived those innocent days. No mass shootings, gang rapes, drive-by warfare -- no disrespect for women, or law officers or elected officials ... or the need for.

The streets were walked without fear and with the confidence that we were the freest people, the most well-off inhabitants of the greatest nation in history.

And, so thought the rest of the world.

Wanna' take a moment to compare that to the present? Think you can find a segment of our society that is not beset with corruption, violence and greed, and a pervasive disregard for one another?

I spent my life in the armed forces in what I was told was for improving the life styles of other peoples. Lots of people lost their lives in that search in all the wars we fought since 1945.

Now, we're being told it was all a waste of time. An unnecessary mistake. A misuse of our power.

Looks like that even though Andy has no electronic marvels, no medical miracles, didn't text or Google and lived in the middle of our longest, deepest depression, he was a lot better off than we are.

Could that be why it was called "the great generation?"

Grandpa Sez': "Or ... perhaps God has decided that we're no longer fit to run this planet, and has decided to replace us with the bugs."

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