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Letter to the editor 3/28/13 edition

March 27, 2013 

Dear Editor,

Many California residents wonder if there are any solutions to help the fledgling state that we live in. Here is the solution, which deals with an economical approach.

California's Gross State Product (GSP) is $1.9 trillion. The three largest income earners that contribute toward the GSP are 1. manufacturing, 2. retail trade, and 3. real estate and trade. Yes, most people who live in the San Joaquin Valley, believe that agriculture makes up the largest income for the state.

Agriculture makes $32 billion a year. That is only one-sixth of the total GSP. Also, agriculture employs but a very small amount of people compared to other industries. Only 50% of all agriculture products are consumed in the United States.

Agriculture consumes 80-85% of all water in the state whereas 10% is for human consumption and is being polluted but nitrite fertilization making it hazardous for human consumption.

Tax payers pay billions of dollars in farmer subsidies, water projects, and Army Corp of Engineers benefiting corporate farming operations, and the public sector. This is not to say that our country can go without farming operations, we all know that food is of essence, but we do not live in a 19th century agrarian sociality.

By reducing agriculture 30-40% and implementing high economic producing businesses in California, we will increase the GSP and jobs, create a cleaner water supply, and overall make our country stronger.

Steven Dodd, Oakhurst

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