Entitlement fraud

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J. R. FroelichMarch 27, 2013 

Upon graduation from high school my grandmother gave me a special gift -- and a bargain. The very nice check for $187.50 was most generous in 1964, but the bargain was stressful. I had to put it in the bank where she would match it -- (my $187.50 and hers), each month until I became 65 years of age.

In my early working years the amount was painful. There were car repairs, (or maybe a new car?), there was the wedding, our first child, buying a house and one of those new color TVs. Over the years there was college for the kids, anniversary trips to Hawaii and family reunions in Las Vegas. It was really hard to not "borrow" from that account as the years went by but I made a deal with my grandmother and I remained faithful to our bargain.

When I celebrated my 65th birthday my little savings book plainly showed I had more than one million dollars socked away. Doing some calculating I realized I could now withdraw about $3,200 each month until I reach 95 years of age. Comfortable.

I went to the bank to make the arrangements and was told they were sorry but there wasn't that much in the account. I showed them my records but they said they had used some of my money for other things. They said that due to what was left I could withdraw only $1,200 per month. I told them I would get a lawyer and by the time I was through I'd own the bank.

OK, the story is made up -- mostly. You see, 'grandmother' is every employer I've had since I was 13. The $187.50 wasn't that much when I was 20 but over the past 50 years $375 is the approximate average I and my employers gave the government each month for my "retirement." Even at a measly one percent interest it would amount to more than a million dollars. Yes, what the government told me at 65 is what my make-believe bank told me.

Entitlement? Really? The government has not put one red cent in that account, but by their own law, I and my employers were required to do so. They have however, "borrowed" to the extent that they tell us the fund is going broke if they don't change the rules. Fraud.

And the government is 30 days in arrears when they send my check. Try that with your payment to the IRS without penalty.

Are "We the People" taking action against our government's mismanagement and theft or are we buying their cover-up of mismanagement or are we asleep?

We shouldn't be surprised. They've had 234 years to figure out how to deliver the mail ... and failed. They've had 74 years to secure our social "security." They've had 71 years to perfect Fannie Mae. Remember the government created housing "bubble?" For 45 years they've waged war on poverty. How's that working out?

They've only been in the Medicare/Medicade business for 44 years. Scrap it and give everyone free medical (you can keep you own doctor). Freddy Mac has hung around Washington for 39 years and the Department of Energy for 32 years. How's your level of confidence in the ability of our government to manage OUR money? And we'll give the government complete control over our health care? Really? We need it -- we're blind, deaf and dumb.

Back to Social Security: What happened to all the money put in when the "donor" died before age 65? How about the people who died two, five or 10 years after retirement. Where are "We the People" who should be demanding an accurate accounting of just what the hell they've done with OUR money?

The new cover-up is called Entitlement Reform they're yelling about. Just another smoke-screen government scam that the voting majority is ignorant of.

Go back to sleep. Baa, baa, baa.

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