Response to 'Bullfighting in Coarsegold'

Letter to the editor 3/21/13 edition

March 20, 2013 

Dear Editor,

When reading Peter Cavanaugh's column in the March 14 edition of the Sierra Star, we can agree on two things -- Barrack Obama is "our poor president" and there is "little or no evidence that Obama's administration is doing much" about many things, including guns. However, there we must part ways.

Mr. Cavanaugh, I'm glad you observed our gatherings. If you had dropped by you would have noticed they were organized by Caring Vets -- not the Tea Party -- and not one sign attacked Obama or his administration. We were there to show our support for the Constitution and, in particular, the Second Amendment, which is clearly under attack by Congress. You and your sign, "Support the Constitution ----No Confiscation," would have been equally welcome. We are not the "outraged" right you try to paint us as being. We are as passionate about our values and are as concerned about our country as you are. Sadly, you and many liberals seem determined to demonize us and our ideas rather than intelligently engage with us in open and honest debate about the issues confronting our country so we can work together to find meaningful solutions. It is shameful and a senseless waste of time, talent, energy, and opportunities.

You can bet the British in 1776 felt the "colonials" had no chance against their highly trained and massively equipped military. But freedom loving patriots, with little more than faith, determination, and privately owned guns brought those tyrants down despite the odds against them. As a 28-year Navy veteran, I can assure you that Navy SEALs and the operators of drones, APCs, and cruise missiles are patriots, too, and most will not serve a tyrant government. So, "Yes" Peter, we can definitely do it again if we have too. God Bless.

Steve Hall, North Fork

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