Outstanding reporting

Letter to the editor 3/21/13 edition

March 20, 2013 

Dear Editor,

Kudos to the Sierra Star for the outstanding, positive stories reporting the recent success of the Met Cinema. Because of the community efforts of three home-grown heroes, supported by Christian parents, the Sconces, the Nelsons and the Walkers, all of which are long time residents and community supporters, our theater has re-opened.

The March 7 editorial which recognized the many unpaid volunteers who worked hard, combined with support from the community to reach a common goal, was touching. Thank you Mr. Wilkinson.

Then again, in the March 14 Sierra Star when reporter Carmen George recognized the families of three young entrepreneurs who give us oldsters great hope for America's future. Thanks for the quote from the Met supporter who gave credit to God for the answered prayer. Keep up your outstanding reporting.

Kudos to reporter Tiffany Tuell, also, for her recent uplifting feature stories about finding peace after loss, the 86-year-old Holocaust survivor and the two lovely stories on Valentines Day about the couples married for 68 and 65 years.

Furthermore, thank you for the fantastic sports coverage of all mountain athletes. If students read their names in the newspaper for athletic, scholastic and community service recognition, maybe they won't read their names in the sheriff's report.

Nancy Harmelin, Ahwahnee

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