Father and son's 'hike' turns into 'rescue'

-- Mariposa County Sheriff's OfficeMarch 14, 2013 

A father and his six-year-old son from Canoga Park, were rescued at about 8 p.m. last Friday by the Mariposa County Search and Rescue Team after they got lost in the woods near Tenaya Lodge.

The Mariposa County Sheriff's Office was notified that Tenaya Lodge guest Matthew Aiden, 36, and his son were overdue from a hike. The father and son became lost and were unable to find their way back to the Lodge while the area was experiencing winter weather conditions including snow.

Reportedly the pair had left the Tenaya Lodge at about 3 p.m. for a hike but they could not find their way back. They were able to use their cell phone and advised they had become lost in the forest, started a warming fire and were waiting for someone to assist them back to the hotel.

Tenaya Lodge employees had also searched the area for the two but had no luck. Due to the cold temperatures and winter weather, the Mariposa County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team was dispatched to the lodge in an attempt to locate the father and son.

At approximately 10:30 p.m. members of the Search and Rescue Team located the two 1.5 miles from the lodge. They were assisted back to the Lodge where they provided further details of their experience.

Aiden stated that he and his son went on a hike to enjoy the area but when it started snowing he became confused in direction. Matthew said that when realized he was lost, he telephoned a family member, also staying at the Lodge, and informed him of the situation. Aiden started a warming fire and then telephoned the Sheriff's Office. He estimated that he and his son walked about five miles before they stopped, built a fire and called for assistance.

Both father and son were in good condition and in good spirits when located and appreciated the concern and assistance delivered by the Tenaya Lodge staff, Mariposa County Sheriff's Office and the Search and Rescue Team.

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