Capitalism vs. Socialism

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Dr. Bill AtwoodMarch 14, 2013 

This past week, my wife and I decided to watch the movie, "Lincoln" at the newly refurbished Met Cinema. As we sat there waiting for the feature to begin, a person I know walked by and proudly announced, "Socialism isn't doing so badly, The Dow just set a record high today."

There are many reasons that the Dow Jones average hit a record high that is quite confusing to understand. One thing we need to remember is that the Dow is a "weighted" measurement of 30 stocks out of all the stocks listed. I have heard economists who are concerned about the bubble and they are commenting on the amount of money Ben Bernacki is pumping into the economy.

The good news about this man's comment is that he finally has admitted that he is a Socialist and happy to be one. He apparently loves the president being a Socialist and this man and his friends like the concepts that Socialism embraces.

"The problem with Socialism is," as we were reminded by Margaret Thatcher, "that you eventually run out of other people's money." The takers will always want more. Their thirst for the goodies cannot be quenched.

I am a proud participant in the Capitalist system. I feel that the government has messed up the system with many regulations trying to balance playing field after playing field for those who don't have what others have.

What all of us have is the freedom to engage in lawful pursuits. "Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door," was often stated to my friends and I as we were growing up. I did yard work for neighbors, delivered papers for the Los Angeles Herald Examiner, worked a summer in a factory that manufactured plumbing faucets and cooked chicken for Colonel Sanders. While in college, I worked as a school janitor and maintenance man. After graduating, I became a public school teacher.

It was interesting to go from school janitor to classroom teacher in a 48-hour period, but that was the result of my hard work in school.

During my years in high school, I watched my friends work at jobs and we all enjoyed the benefit of earning those dollars. We saw that hard work paid off. Those at my school who worked had money in their pockets and those who did not work did not have readily available cash to spend.

I watched my bosses work long hours every week to ensure that their business made payroll and a profit. I watched my bosses faces when some problem cost them business and the impact on the business. They always shared that capitalism worked that way, and it was the nature of the beast.

But many in this country feel entitled to the freebies. The word "entitlement" seems to be the problem. Years ago, many of the government assistance programs were called "welfare" but do-gooders decided that had a negative connotation so they relabeled the aid "entitlements." Now the recipients feel we really owe them something.

The folks who have worked under the agreement that there would be a pension at the end of their career are indeed entitled to that pension. The veteran who has served their country and earned a pension based on service or disability is entitled to that pension. The folks who pay into a system for years are entitled to the promised benefit.

People who haven't given anything into the systems deserve zero. I don't mind people who come from other lands who want to come to America. Why wouldn't somebody want a better life than the one they left behind? My ancestors certainly wanted better than England and Germany had to offer. The system need only afford them the freedom and the laws to protect those freedoms so that they may chase the American Dream.

Most will do fine, some will do wonderfully well, and a few will fail. That is how the free market works.

Those who get rich have every right to enjoy the riches and the lifestyle they have earned. Those who haven't succeeded need to do with less or without. Having a cellular phone isn't a right granted by the Constitution.

Robbing Peter to pay Paul makes Paul very happy but causes Peter to become angry. Do it enough times and Paul gets lazier and Peter stops working. Then both will starve.

Folks who support the president and his plans to take from the producers and give to the takers need to explain why it is fair to take the legally earned income from one group of citizens to present it to somebody who has done nothing to earn that income.

At least they should admit that they believe in the redistribution of wealth which is a basis of the concept of Socialism.

It is the only way they can explain why we need to pay for Georgetown law students' contraceptives.

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