'A Ducketh Tale'

A Senior View

Ed LyonsMarch 14, 2013 

Each Sunday, our church (Grace Community of North Fork) asks one amongst its congregation to deliver a message/story for the children.

The following was one of my offerings that I also want to share with you, titled "A Ducketh Tale":

Once upon a time, there was a duck who had a problem.

It was bad enough that he was funny looking, with orange lips and big floppy feet and that instead of walking, he waddled.

It was also bad enough that he lived in constant fear that he would be invited to dinner -- as the main course -- Duck Orange as it were!

But, on top of all of this, he talked, or, I should say, quacked with a lisp!

Quackth, Quackth.

Now that's the kinda thing that really stands out in a crowd. Or, even a flock.

You have no idea how embarrassing it is to get a laugh at the end of every sentence. Or, have someone constantly asking you to say, "Suffering Succotash."

So, on this day, the poor quacker found himself in a church. Very much like our little church, friendly, open and welcoming -- just one of God's many houses.

As he approached the altar, he heard a voice call out "Wither thou goest, Duck?"

Frightened at first, but knowing how badly he needed help, he gathered up his nerve and continued down the aisle.

"What need bringeth thee here?" saith the voice.

The duck thought, "This guys talks kinda' funny himself."

But, he said, "I came to ask your God if He could help me with my terrible affliction. I know I'm only a duck, but I kinda' hoped He could do somethin.'"

Wheras, the voice said, "I will speak for our Holy Father when I say that all of His creatures are created equal and that each is given a burden according to his ability to carry it and, carry it he must, to gain entrance to heaven.

"So go ... do not be embarrassed by this tiny flaw. You, as do we all, will serve God's purpose and will join Him, someday, in heaven when the whole of his purpose will be made known to you."

The duck felt a lot better as he left the altar, but just before he readied the door, he heard another voice, more heavenly, whisper, "Ith a good thing you wath here to talketh for me, or the poor duck would have thought that I wath making fun of him." Sufferin' Saccotash.

And so we see that even with the least of us, God is joined into our existence. We are one with Him, and He, with all of us.

Grandpa Sez': "Whether we walk or waddle, it is the end that justified the means."

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