Practice what you preach

Letter to the editor 3/7/13 edition

March 6, 2013 

Dear Editor,

Steve Hall's continued critique of Peter Cavanaugh's entertaining and enlightening articles prove only that no good *deed* goes unpunished. He's hardly one to preach about "petty and divisive words" when all I've ever seen him write fall in that category. I'm sure his hero, John Pero, doesn't need protection from Peter Cavanaugh, particularly when Peter did nothing more than extend a hand of friendship, irrespective of their differences.

So, Mr. Hall, practice what you preach, and quit being "hypocritical", "elitist", "foolish" and "ignorant", to use your words. The teacher whom you profess to adore, "His Son", would not want you for a disciple.

Ellie Schermerhorn, Ahwahnee

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