Rejoice, Dear Hearts?

Letter to the editor 2/28/13 edition

February 27, 2013 

Dear Editor,

Peter Cavanaugh, you and comedian "Brother Dave Gardner" definitely share one common trait. You both dance between subjects, positions and ideas with mind numbing rapidity. But from where I observed life during that timeframe, "Brother Dave" made very few people think, except to wonder at how he squandered the tremendous talent and opportunities God had given him.

Somehow you "danced" from Brother Dave's self-inflicted failures to pandering remarks about hard work and cooperative effort yielding brilliant consequences. Oh, I agree they do. I just question the sincerity of those words coming from your pen. I've read your columns. You spend so much time, temper and newsprint "dancing" between calling people names, questioning their intelligence and discrediting their patriotism. All because their politics and opinions aren't in lock step with yours.

Petty and divisive words don't encourage cooperation or understanding on any level. Obama's Washington, D. C. proves my point.

With all the amazing people who have shared this planet with you and I during our lifetimes, I find it perplexing you chose Dave Gardner to emulate. Why not Kennedy, King or Reagan? Men who inspired and empowered others. Men who shared a common faith in God's plan for our good and a common hero, His Son. The one who encouraged us to "fear not" and commanded all mankind to "love one another."

John Pero fully understands the value of hard work and cooperative effort. You could learn much from him. But you must put aside your prejudices long enough to listen. He is, afterall, a gun owning, Bible believing, Tea Party conservative. But I "haven't given up" hoping you will. God bless.

Steve Hall, North Fork

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