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Dr. Bill AtwoodFebruary 27, 2013 

"The sky is falling, the sky is falling," Chicken Little shouted. So once again we have heard about the disasters of sequestration from the government. Two years ago they couldn't agree on a plan and the president and his folks conjured up the concept of "Sequestration." This was to be a plan so awful that neither party would want it to play out and the administration touted it as the way the budget and deficit problems would be fixed.

It was looming to take us over the dreaded fiscal cliff on Jan. 1, 2013 when at the last minute, the sides agreed to kick the can down the road until March 1, 2013. At the time of the election, during the debates, the president stated that sequestration wasn't going to take place. He assured one and all it wasn't going to happen.

It was the president's plan and now he blames the Republicans for placing Americans at the breaking point. First, it was his plan. Democrats have stated it came from the White House, liberal pundits have accepted it came from the White House; the White House forgets it came from the White House.

The plan calls for a reduction of the increases in spending to be lowered by $85 billion. That's right, no cuts in current spending, just a reduction in the increase in spending. What this huge cut means to the entire federal budget is simply a 2% cut. Two lousy cents on the dollar and the leader of the free world is out there scaring folks that the military won't be able to defend us, that older folks will be denied medical care, that pollution will seep into our water supplies, that the economy will go into a tailspin.

Let's get real. I can't imagine that anyone thinks that any federally funded program doesn't have 2% waste and/or fraud. Those agencies could cut training programs in Colorado or Las Vegas. Those hotel bills stack up. The president could have asked his family to skip the vacation in Colorado while he golfed with the disgraced Tiger Woods in Florida. Maybe the Congressional perks could be cut. What am I thinking?

They never seem to talk about cutting waste or fraud or limiting the give-aways to those who don't contribute. They threaten all of us who pay the bills with threats that service on which we rely will be taken away. They are punishing us.

The president shows no leadership here as he went golfing, the Senate and House followed along with their vacation plans and then they will return to the hallowed halls to think of ways to spend more and lie more to gain political favor with one group or another.

Harry Reid should be impeached as he has failed in his obligation to ensure that the Senate passes a budget. The president should be ashamed at the growing class warfare he is promoting. The costs of his socialistic give-aways are going to destroy us. We owe $16 trillion and he still wants to borrow more and more every week. We can't afford him.

His solution is to call for the rich to pay their fair share. That's what we heard in December when the fiscal crisis was looming and the Republicans caved and allowed the tax laws to change on the wealthiest. The House speaker wanted to raise the revenue by closing loopholes. "No," said the president to the loophole plan; he wanted the tax increase. Now the president wants the loopholes closed as well so that the rich will now pay a "fairer share."

Hate to break it to the tax and spenders but you can't tax the rich enough to cover the costs of the federal government. You could take it all and it wouldn't cover the costs.

The president wants to see businesses pay more, but apparently he doesn't understand the economics of capitalism. Those business owners will pass on the costs to the consumers. It is a "hidden tax."

Listen to the discussions of the costs of the "Un"affordable Health Care Act. Businesses are cutting folks hours to make them part-time. Businesses are not hiring more than 49 people to avoid having to provide medical coverage. I heard Universal Studios Theme Parks are no longer going to offer medical coverage options to part-time folks because of the costs involved. It has turned out that there are now fewer folks with private medical insurance than before the plan was enacted because of the costs of the plan.

Yet, the president wants to scare folks with the sky is falling playbook. Shame on him.

At least Sandra Fluck hasn't been told that Georgetown College students will be required to pay for their own contraceptives.

There is a silver lining after all!

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