The 'blight' hurting town is not my beer banner

Letter to the editor 2/21/13 edition

February 21, 2013 

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank Patrice Jensen and Karen White for saving our town from the blight of the business banner. However, I take issue with a statement made that Oakhurst is now out of the financially hard times, and that signage is a "top priority" problem.

Many of us with small business here continue to struggle. And yes, Patrice, the A-frames, banners and flags do help bring customers in. We depend on driving traffic because there are few sidewalks, and there are only crosswalks at the three signal lights, resulting in almost non-existent walk-in traffic.

Oakhurst has no way of advertising any future or current event happening. Traffic drives straight through to Mariposa, Yosemite, Bass Lake, North Fork, Coulterville or wherever. They stop in Coarsegold, Raymond or stay in the Fresno area. All of these towns advertise their town events months in advance so visitors can make plans to attend.

Not Oakhurst, we are esthetically pleasing. Next time one of the founding mothers or fathers of Oakhurst has a problem, instead of making a complaint to Madera County Code Enforcement, try to talk to business owners. We are here to make a positive impact in our community, not to degrade it. I'm sure there could have been a compromise to benefit all.

Maybe we could put banners up for a day or two and then take them down. How else does this town advertise the Elks fish dinner, the Elegant Auction, the fact that Oakhurst turned 100 years old last year, car shows, and wine and cheese in the park? What is ugly to one is not ugly to another.

If you still have energy to clean up Oakhurst, how about starting inside? Start with the mentally ill that walk our streets cursing and threatening everyone within earshot, the park that is home to drug activity, gun fire in the middle of town, a Boys & Girls Club that needs gravel to fill a muddy walkway and can't get help, violent crime in town, and the attempted murder of my friend Shanin Path last May that is now a cold case.

This is the ugly blight that hurts our community ladies, not my beer banner.

Jackie Brandt, owner of the Dirty Donkey Tavern, Oakhurst

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