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Dr. Bill AtwoodFebruary 21, 2013 

Last week the President spoke before the joint houses of Congress, chiefs of staff, Supreme Court Justices, cabinet officers, and the American people.

He stated that the state of the union was getting stronger, but I don't understand his term because I don't understand his definition of "stronger." Stronger than what?

Yes, the stock market is doing quite well, but the economists I hear on the television always are surprised at the prices but also comment on the fact that the Federal Reserve keeps printing more and more dollars.

The economy is in the tank and the president who promised the most transparent presidency ever hides behind false numbers and statistics.

Mark Twain stated it best when he said, "There are lies, damn lies, and statistics." Use whatever percentage you want to use by calling those searching for a job "unemployed," and those who have thrown in the towel "out of work." They don't count this simple fact: there are fewer folks working in this country than before President Obama took his first oath of office.

The president introduced his new wish list and the price tag is around a paltry $143 billion. Yes, that's right, $143 billion dollars. And yet this man stood before all those folks and us and stated that this wasn't going to add one dime to the deficit.

He has either returned to using the drugs he admits to having used while getting those stellar grades he hides from us, or he is a liar. It either means we must raise taxes or whip out the credit card and charge it.

We already borrow around 46 cents of every federally-spent dollar so what's a few more. Wait, it was unpatriotic when President Bush ran up less debt in eight years than the president has accrued in four years.

The president wants to restrict our ownership of our guns. I read this week that the Department of Homeland Security has enough bullets to fire almost 50 rounds at every American citizen. Now since 98% of us generally behave and don't get into the justice system in a negative manner it makes you wonder why Washington D.C. feels they want to be ready to attack citizens. Tyrants usually are the ones who worry about uprisings.

The president did not answer any questions about the death of four members of his ambassadorial staff. It appears he is getting upset that Congress is asking questions about his inaction. One phone call in the early hours of the attack isn't leadership. Now we hear the White House wasn't getting much information at all. We just want answers to simple questions.

During the State of the Union address, the president laid out his plans for a bigger government. Now he wants to provide pre-school. It hasn't seemed to dawn on the man from Chicago that ever since the inception of Head Start, the results clearly show that any gains are lost, gone, not testable, after the third grade. It doesn't take a genius to see through his lie purporting that federally financed pre-school will get even one kid into college.

He made a point of mentioning the young lady killed in Chicago a week after her participation in the parade at his inauguration a week earlier. Her parents were applauded as thay sat next to Mrs. Obama. The president failed to mention that Chicago has the toughest gun laws in the nation and the most murders in the nation. His buddy Rahm doesn't have a grip on that situation but they both want to take our Second Amendment rights away.

Then many of us heard from Senator Marco Rubio. I must tell you that I have never really liked the idea of the response to the State of the Union address by the loyal opposition concept, but it seems to have caught on so we must live with it.

Apparently Senator Rubio hit the nerves of the Liberals in this country and especially in the mainstream media because they did not address any of his comments or statements. No siree.

That news giant CNN ran the video of a man needing a sip of water 155 times. MSNBC ran the clip almost 100 times as did many of the three networks. How pathetic the media showed themselves to be.

We know why the Super Bowl lights were dimmed, we know Beyonce lip-synced her song, we know that Marco Rubio is not allowed to get thirsty, but we don't know what the president of the United States is doing to lower unemployment and gas prices, or for that matter, how he is going to stop North Korea and Iran from getting atomic weapons.

Maybe he is the most transparent president ever -- we see right through his empty suit.

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