Newly enlightened

Letter to the editor 2/21/13 edition

February 21, 2013 

Dear Editor,

I was certainly enlightened by Peter Cavanaugh's Feb. 14 column and his convincing argument about the damaging effect Fox News has on a conservative's brain. He backed away from that a little and then said that those of us with lower IQs gravitate to conservatism and that Fox News is our information source. In either case, we're pretty dumb.

I have to plead guilty as charged and have watched Fox News for a long time. Now I find that I have been destroying my brain cells, (or they were already destroyed), hence, I watched Fox. Yikes, I hope the damage I have caused myself can be reversed.

I now see the light, and will switch my allegiance from Fox to other more enlightened networks like MSNBC and CNN. Who wouldn't rather watch Wolf Blitzer or Rachel Mad-Cow explain why taking a sip of water while delivering the State of the Union rebuttal speech is a career-ending Snafu. I mean, they have diligently dissected and reported this earth-shattering event for several days now. Imagine the turmoil and utter distress that poor Marco Rubio must be feeling, and he had such promise ... oh well, too bad.

In contrast the aforementioned leading-edge coverage by MSNBC and CNN to the crap Fox covers ... like why did we lose an Ambassador and three other servicemen in Benghazi? Who ordered the cover-up? I'm with Hillary, what difference does make?

Or how can we continue to run trillion dollar deficits year after year? I mean, come on now, let's stick to something important.

Hey, I have an idea, lets see if we can get some university professor to identify and name this phenomena, something like "Fox News Watcher Brain Disorder Syndrome."

Betcha we could get it covered under Obama Care.

Phil Atkisson, Oakhurst

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