Disappointing result

By Mark Stamas / Guest CommentaryFebruary 21, 2013 

I'm really glad all the people in Cascadel have now had the chance to vote on a fair and permanent real road maintenance solution for the first time in the history of Cascadel. Thanks so much to Supervisor Wheeler, the County Board of Supervisors and outstanding county staff. 125 participants out of 178 is a huge showing for Cascadel. The people have spoken.

The result is very disappointing and puzzling when taken at face value; rates were substantially lower, road money would go only to roads, the association would be freed of roads, Measure T could have doubled our money. Cascadel Heights has had a successful county road maintenance district right here adjacent to us since 1995. They have visible high quality road work happening, matched with Measure T funds, right now. But it's a fool who seeks logic in the chambers of the human heart. However, some of the association directors and its employees dependent on "road" fees, violently opposed the RMD. The association has already spent over $13,000 in legal fees regarding the RMD alone.

As a result, the future for Cascadel holds an enormous increase in costs for road maintenance, for those who choose to make the voluntary payments. We'll likely see more road lawsuits with the association selectively targeting folks who choose not to pay. The association has no binding tax authority or tax liens, for roads or otherwise. Because of this, the association has been filing lawsuits for well over 40 years, and more of the same is likely on the horizon. That was the point of the RMD. Ending all that and actually getting road improvements.

Despite this disappointing result, we've learned a lot and now the county is aware of all the issues in Cascadel. The Auditor Controller is investigating alleged misuse of public funds, has frozen all payments to the association, and will be seeking reimbursement. More investigations seem highly likely.

The association directors and its employees who so opposed the RMD appear to have won the battle, but lost the war.

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