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Dr. Bill AtwoodFebruary 13, 2013 

Many times when we are in the kitchen trying to cook dinner we taste what's in the kettle and ask ourselves, "What's missing?" the same thing happens in a search for an answer to the solution for our problems. It is a common occurrence that we all have experienced. The same question often comes up in the world of politics.

The past few days we have all heard about the former Los Angeles Police Department officer who has gone on a murderous rampage against those who he perceives as being harmful to his career. As he hides waiting to kill his next victim on his manifesto, people all over the states of California, Arizona and Nevada are protecting themselves against this "nut case." What's missing on the news the past few days are those folks who have been asking why people need guns in their homes. While many like to hunt, most want the guns for protection.

I looked at my paycheck and something was missing -- the additional 2% of my pay that the government took. What's missing beside the cash is the president's pledge that nobody making under $250,000 would see one dime in new taxes. Teachers don't make anywhere near that amount, but my pay was cut.

I look at the family budget and I see more money missing. What's missing? It's the money that President Obama assured me wasn't going to go to an increase in my insurance premiums once the "Un"Affordable Heath Care Act was enacted. Not only is more of my money missing to pay the higher premiums -- what else is missing are the dollars the president said I would be saving because of his health care program.

Something has been missing from many of the main stream media outlets. They haven't been screaming too much about the inept FEMA response to the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Those same folks were slamming President Bush just hours after Katrina, but the victims of Sandy are still without aid. What's missing is the president's follow up on his pledge to cut the red tape and to speed up the process.

What's missing in the economy? Jobs. The president promised us a much lower unemployment rate and it appears that the only thing that has helped lower the unemployment rate are the people who have given up looking for jobs.

Once they are missing from the list of "looking for work" they are no longer unemployed. They are "out of work" but not "un-employed." Logic is missing in that governmental explanation. Now even the presidential job's commission is missing.

The press has also not covered much of Leon Panetta's testimony. Missing is the scrutiny over the fact that the president wasn't showing much involvement on Sept. 11, when a nine-hour attack was taking place on our embassy. What was missing that day was a military response. Panetta was pathetic as he bumbled out an answer trying to cover for his boss. A US response is missing.

On Sept. 11, the president's involvement was missing. A short phone call during the first hours of the attack was all that President Obama deemed necessary? The president was more involved when his professor buddy was upset with the cops.

What's missing is an explanation of who sent Ambassador Rice out to sell people on the idea of the video causing the killings in Libya. What is also missing is the explanation from our government of why the guy who made the video that did not cause the riot is in jail but the killers of the ambassador and his staff are not in jail.

Another thing that is missing is the outrage from my liberal friends who were shocked and appalled that "W" authorized the waterboarding of three terrorists (none died). They ignore the fact that we gained valuable intelligence from that waterboarding. The president has used drones to kill people, sparing them the bad feelings of waterboarding, but that's okay.

Where is the outrage now that a leaked 16 page memo from inside the White House tells that the president of this country feels it is okay for the Administration, without oversight or due process, may kill Americans citizens based on vague notions and definitions. The ACLU has been missing on this. The Hollywood leftists have been missing on this. The Democrat's outrage, for the most part, has been missing on this.

Guns are still missing in Mexico. The President's promised deficit reduction ideas are still missing. Three years of budget's from the Democratic party controlled Senate are missing. Lower gas prices are missing. Hope and change is missing.

All in all, presidential leadership is what is really missing.

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