No set theme for Oakhurst

Letter to the editor 2/7/13 edition

February 7, 2013 

Dear Editor,

T.R. Williams' Ponder This column, 'Build it and they will come ... or will they?,' in the Jan. 31 issue of the Sierra Star hit it right on the head on the mess Oakhurst has become. So true -- open land throughout -- and there it sits. The land on Highway 41 next to the Chevron station has been sitting there for years, with Chip Pashayan and sister not developing this eyesore.

I've heard all the rumors over the years -- Kohl's, Ross, Target and others are going to open. One big box I hope never arrives is Walmart. In my home town back in Utah, a huge Walmart was built and wiped out every small business in the town. Yes, we need a Kohl's in order to buy household goods and clothes. A lot of our tax money is going to Fresno County.

Congratulations, Ms. Williams -- best article to appear in the Sierra Star.

I also agree with Patrice Jensen concerning all the flags flying around town. This is uncalled for and hopefully Madera County will clamp down on the sign ordinance. Go over to beautiful Mariposa -- it runs circles around Oakhurst. Things just got out of hand building here and there with no set theme.

Flora A. Franck, Oakhurst

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