Women and the military

Letter to the editor 1/31/13 edition

January 31, 2013 

Dear Editor,

National news last week revealed that the United States military has revoked a regulation prohibiting women from engaging in combat roles. Soon U.S. military personnel will include women eligible to fight alongside men in battle. According to the news, this new policy has the blessings of President Obama and top military commanders.

It appears women have finally won total equality with men. Just as homosexuals are winning the right to marry, women soldiers can go into battle beside their male counterparts. We as a nation have now achieved "gender neutrality." How wonderful.

Somehow, we have decided that everything in life must be fair. Fairness and equality trump differences and logic. Never mind differences. Differences do not count. We must ignore the fact that women are different from men.

We must re-adjust our thinking. We must welcome a new reality. Chivalry is indeed dead. Courtesy be damned. Logic, get out of the road. We now march beneath the banner of fairness.

Clyde Farnsworth, Coarsegold

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