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Dr. Bill AtwoodJanuary 23, 2013 

Barack Obama took his fourth oath of office this past Monday. He and FDR now are tied as the presidents who have taken that oath four times. Our president took it the first time which was botched by the chief justice so they repeated it the next day just to be sure it was right. Then the president needed to take the oath on the 20th as directed by the Constitution and because it was Sunday the parades and the public inauguration was held on Monday. We should have seen that Robert's can botch up the easy stuff.

David Gerkin made a comment this weekend on CNN stating his surprise that Obama had won a second term since the economy was in the tank. He admitted that the president has had the benefit of a national press corps that hasn't bothered to do their job of reporting and it doesn't take much teflon for nothing to stick to the president when the national press corps serves as his cheerleader.

But the people have voted and we have his leadership for the next four years.

We saw how a campaign that vilified an honest, hard-working, generous, church going, devoted husband, and successful businessman was able to sway enough people into supporting our chief executive for another term.

We can look "forward" (his campaign slogan) to four more years of blaming George W. Bush for the worst economy since the Great Depression. We will watch as gas prices will climb as they have the past four years. There was so much to admire during his first four years -- so I want to remind you of those great feats.

We have changed NASA from a space exploration agency leading the world in outer space to an agency that is to promote unity with Muslims. We have Solyndra and that great investment, along with the multi-billion dollar losses in General Motors stock. We saw poverty increase, welfare as well, and more and more people are on food stamps than before he took office.

We can expect the appointment of many more liberal judges since he is liberal and we have been impressed by his appointments of women to high ranking positions for the second term. I remember him attacking Mitt about Mitt's binders of qualified women.

Keystone Pipeline will be ignored or shutdown so all that Canadian oil will be sold to China and he will have more flexibility with Russia. Iran is four years closer to having nukes and North Korea was so afraid of his reactions they showed their ability to launch a missile at us.

His jobs council hasn't met in a year but he has played a great deal of golf while his EPA chief has been sending e-mails under a fake name.

We have four members of our ambassador staff dead after his people failed to do their jobs and nothing has been done. The lack of response to the killing of the four can be seen in Algeria when Al Qaeda led those attacks. I thought Al Qaeda was on the run?

We have been impressed with the transparency promised by the administration. Fast and furious seems to be the only gun control program the White House has operated. I understand he has ordered fighter jets to be sold to a country led by the Muslim Brotherhood but now wants to restrict gun ownership amongst honest American citizens. I hate to break it to him but the bad guys here won't ever give up their guns.

The Unaffordable Healthcare Act was going to lower my premiums this year by $2,500 but they increased by $2,500 so that is a $5,000 swing and Social Security taxes increased by 2% for most of the middle class which means he lied about not raising taxes for 95% of us.

He has spent in four years what Bush spent in eight. He called it unpatriotic when "W" did it. It is sad that a recent poll shows most people think America's best days are behind us and it is getting worse. Most think there is a spending problem in DC but Obama still wants to use the credit card to grow government.

He threw Israel under the bus and doesn't get after fellow Democrat Harry Reid to pass a budget in the Senate. He is going to use more executive orders for opening up the borders for immigration against the will of the Congress and he directs agencies to "not enforce federal laws he doesn't agree with."

Did I mention that Gitmo is still open?

However; we can all celebrate that we will continue to pick up the tab for Sandra Fluke's contraceptives.

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