Heartwarming Breakfast

Tiffany TuellJanuary 23, 2013 

Yosemite High School students clambered off the bus and flocked over the bridge to a small table set up on the curb not far from the YHS entrance where a small group of members from Oakhurst Living Way Church braved the cold and handed out warm breakfast burritos, steaming hot chocolate and orange juice last Thursday. However this wasn't just a one time affair -- this has been happening every Thursday morning for more than a year.

"It's just amazing to watch those kids walk across that bridge," said Pastor Steve Myers of Oakhurst Living Way Church. "You end up with 50 kids waiting for hot chocolate and a burrito and they're nice and kind and gracious."

Volunteer Judy Larsen said YHS bus drivers say the warm burritos are all the students talk about on their way to school on Thursday mornings. Students who don't take the bus can even get drive up curbside service. The group also tries to accommodate all students so when one student walked up and said he didn't like cheese, the group told him to come back next Thursday and they'd have a cheese-free burrito waiting for him.

YHS junior Mitch Simon, 17, says he makes sure he gets the warm breakfast every Thursday morning because the burritos are so good.

YHS freshman Shaughnassey Bradley, 15, says she almost always comes for the free hot breakfast, too. She said that not only are the burritos good, but also said that with PT right away, it's good to have some food in your stomach.

It all began when Myers noticed the students' sullen faces as they made their way to school so he decided to do something to brighten at least one morning of their week. Myers, along with a small group of volunteers, began meeting early, about 6 a.m. every Thursday morning, to make fresh breakfast burritos loaded with eggs, potatoes and cheese.

"We've had a lot of good comments around town from people that know about it and the kids are very grateful," said volunteer Dan Larsen.

Volunteers pass out about 120 burritos between 7:20 and 7:50 a.m. If any burritos are left over, Judy said they take them to Evergreen High School, right down the road from YHS.

"What an awesome time it is on Thursday mornings and I think it blesses us more than the kids at this point," Myers said.

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