Sanctity of life

Letter to the editor 1/17/13 edition

January 17, 2013 

Dear Editor,

This Sunday (Jan. 20), pro-life people throughout the nation will uphold the sanctity of life. Jan. 22 marks the 40-year anniversary of legalized abortion in the United States, whereby nearly 55 million pre-born babies have been killed.

A memorial service is scheduled at 3 p.m Sunday at the Oakhurst Cemetery.

Last October, Helping Hands Pregnancy and Parenting Center held its annual banquet. Helping Hands is a local non-profit Christian ministry offering life-affirming alternatives to abortion through practical education and compassionate support. Their free services include confidential pregnancy tests, child-birth and parenting classes, options counseling, abstinence education and education on sexually-transmitted diseases, post-abortion counseling and a baby boutique.

Keynote speaker Carol Everett, who is now a pro-life advocate, recounted her descent into the abortion industry when in 1973, she terminated her third pregnancy under pressure from her husband and doctor. Working as a saleswoman for an abortion doctor showed her how much money can be made in the abortion business, so she decided to open her own clinics. She led 35,000 women to terminate their pregnancies.

Ms. Everett informed us that they had a whole plan that sold abortion and it's called "sex education." Her work showed that pregnancy rates rose shortly after she visited schools. Their goal was three to five abortions for every girl between the ages of 13-18. They handed out defective condoms and low doses of birth control pills to help achieve this goal.

She indicated that California has the highest rates of abortion with approximately 300,000 performed annually -- all taxpayer funded. A pregnant girl can arrange to have an abortion performed for her at a clinic and come home without her parent's consent. Everett ended by stating that from her personal experience, the consequences of having an abortion are far worse than the consequences of having a child.

Diane Flaherty, Oakhurst

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