Behind the Newtown killings

Letter to the editor 1/10/13 edition

January 10, 2013 

Dear Editor,

Last year 106,000 people died as a result of FDA-approved correctly prescribed drugs. Injuries and deaths from psychiatric drugs alone mount into the tens of thousands, yet TV anchorman don't trumpet this carnage as a tragedy. It's just a ho-hum statistic.

Maybe it's because of "damage control" by the drug companies afraid of law suits over their deadly potions.

Everyday Americans are injured or killed by psychiatric prescription drugs. The New York Daily News reported that the Newtown shooter was prescribed an antipsychotic drug called 'Fanapt,' a drug linked to causing impulse-control disorder and major depression. The fact was later scrubbed from the Daily News web site.

Psychiatric drugs have been linked to every mass killing of the last few years. Morals and public safety take a back seat to drug company profits.

Are pistol-packing teachers the best this exceptional country can come up with as an answer to the violence?

Mass media is in bed with big pharmaceutical companies. Look at the commercials.

Maybe we need to turn off the television and start thinking for ourselves.

Carl S. Bosco, Coarsegold

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