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Dr. Bill AtwoodJanuary 10, 2013 

Our taxes went up which means our pay decreased. Happy New Year from the government.

I seem to recall that our president stated that middle-class Americans wouldn't see a tax increase. Not a dime he stated. Well, well, well, he was right, as it wasn't a dime but a 2% tax bite increase for Social Security. The wealthy among us are going be hit a great deal more with other increases and I worry that they are going to continue to leave California with its high rates and they are going to hide more off-shore to avoid paying into the treasury of the United States a single cent more than they absolutely must pay.

Look at what is happening in France. A 75% tax rate is creating a great exodus out of the country and we have seen the same thing here in California and they watched the identical action in New York.

When will the taxers and spenders learn that people like to earn money and they feel that since they earned it, they have a right to spend it. When we pay more than 50% in what we earn to the government, it is time to force our representatives to curtail a great deal of the spending. Now the president will continue to vilify the Republicans who are simply asking that we start to cut some of the spending so that we can get a handle on the spending.

To be sure, the GOP had a hand in creating some of the debt and some of the deficit. However, in these troubled times, we have the unaffordable Health Care Act costs looming, a Social Security hit that just took 2% out of everyone's weekly spending, and the president and his party don't even want to look at any real cuts.

His idea of cuts in spending is to state that he had intended to spend much more in the future and so he will spend only more in the future and not much more. This is tantamount to telling your spouse you saved money by only buying three items of something instead of four of the items. It doesn't make sense when you did not need any of the three items to begin with.

We can look for the president to do an end-around the Congress with regard to the increase in the debt ceiling. Once he decides to use an interpretation that the 14th Amendment gives him the right, then we no longer have any Congressional oversight into our finances. Barack Obama has shown contempt for the system of checks and balances and he continues to do things the Chicago-style way of bullying and skirting the law.

His supporters continue to carry his water and the national press still get tingles up and down their legs when he speaks. It is redistribution of wealth. He wants to make villains out of those who are successful and give the goodies to those who haven't earned the money. It buys his party the votes and we who do the work get shafted.

I enjoy hearing a party who was critical of the Bush era tax cuts for many years now tell us how important they are to helping the economy. I love remembering a senator telling folks that running up $4 trillion in debt over eight years was unpatriotic, but he has done as much borrowing in his first four years.

We now see that the unaffordable Healthcare Act, which was supposed to lower my health care premiums, had a negative effect this week when my insurer announced an increase in premiums of 20% to cover the effects of the Obama brainchild.

Wait until 2016 when the 40% excise tax kicks in on our private health care coverage. That will be the death blow and the community organizer knows it. The insurers will see people bail, the companies will pay the penalty and most Americans will then be forced to accept the medical care as provided by the same people who are helping out the victims of Hurricane Sandy in such a speedy and efficient manner.

The president isn't facing re-election so he probably doesn't care that a survey reports that half the folks in this country now think America's best days are behind us.

I hope all of you who voted for him understand why we will have to cut back on spending by a rate equal to the tax increase. When we don't buy from your employers and they cut back your hours or lay you off, please remember this phrase: "Elections have consequences."

Don't gripe about it.

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