Looking forward

By Shirley Lamb / Guest CommentaryJanuary 2, 2013 

I'm a senior and have voted in many elections over the years. Sometimes my candidate won and other times he/she lost. But, after a couple days, everyone got on with the business of their private lives, assured that nothing too different would change with them and their loved ones. After all, we lived in America and our government had guidelines to follow by which to run our country. And we felt secure that these guidelines, i.e. the Constitution and Bill of Rights, would protect us from any radical changes within our government hierarchy.

Watergate was a good example of that -- A president was deposed. As I recall, people felt the same after the election of 2008. For many, their candidate McCain lost and, initially, there was disappointment, but a new president was in office and would be given a chance to earn the respect of the American people.

The election of 2012 seems to have brought about a different conclusion. It has been several weeks now and I'm still hearing comments of dismay and sadness. It's not that many of the American people were pro-Romney, it's that they are pro-American and, after one term in office, our current president has brought about a sense of unrest in many Americans and a feeling that their freedoms are being threatened. Particularly, where seniors are concerned, their social security is now referred to as a federal entitlement and nothing is further from the truth when seniors paid, as did their employers, into that fund to assure their retirement.

There is great dissatisfaction with Congress with a poll indicating that members of Congress are distrusted more than car salespersons -- At least Americans know that a salesperson is going to do everything they can to sell a car, we understand that. But our representatives and senators were put in office to fight for their constituents and the majority of us feel that, once in office, they cast aside all those political promises to now ride the "gravy train" for their own personal benefit.

Yes, I realize that's a generalization, and I know there are a few who really try to do what's best for their community but their ideals are soon filed aside while they try to "fit-in."

Many feel our Christian/Jewish ideals are being ignored, the basis on which this country originated -- Good, strong standards. It worries me to see fear in the hearts of so many and see them lose the hope they once had for this country. I don't like the fact that two or three states seem to determine the outcome of a presidential election. I worked at the polls this year and, as I left at 9:30 that night, knowing that all the votes in our precinct had just been picked up, not even counted and, upon arriving home, to have my husband say that the election had been decided -- I felt cheated.

This is still the United States of America and we do need to continue to be united in our fundamental ideals. We may have to take a stand in the future rather than be complacent with our congress and senate.

It warms my heart each time I pass the Chase Bank and see the Nativity scene displayed, knowing that came about by several people last year who campaigned for it when a couple people caused it to be removed. The "majority rule" has often been cast aside so as not to offend the few. That needs to stop. I pray that we can begin looking forward to salvage our trust in the leaders of this country, our belief in one another, and continue our great love of these United States.

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