When will enough be enough?

By Gary Murphy / Guest CommentaryDecember 27, 2012 

Proposition 30 was a part of the budget passed in June, 2012. But that money is already spent so the government is very happy that Proposition 39 passed.

Proposition 39 will purportedly help schools get energy efficient windows and solar panels to help lower utility costs. Hopefully, they will have enough money to buy books for students.

But even with the passage of Prop 39, the government budget will still $1.9 Billion short in 2013. So now they are going after Prop 13, proposing to change the state constitution to change the law requiring a two-thirds vote to raise school taxes to a 55% vote. They also propose to exempt commercial property from Prop 13.

The government is also considering raising vehicle registration fees by 300%, turning a $50 registration fee into a $150 fee.

Part of the problem is that even though the government contends they are advocates of education, we are paying more and more each year for UC tuition for our children. The new UC Berkeley chief will be paid a whopping $486,000 per year. He will also receive $121,700 in relocation fees paid out in installments over four years, free campus housing, and other benefits. Although a portion of his salary is paid from private donations, much of the cost to attend a UC is raising every year and I believe that these unbelievable salaries and perks are a huge part of the problem and passing new propositions to give "schools" more money will only serve to provide additional funds to increase administration salaries and benefits. In addition, 100 government aides received 10% pay raises in 2012.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the new California legislators received a warm welcome -- from lobbyists. They also reported that the day after being elected, some were enjoying the Sacramento Kings game in the luxury AT&T suite. The next day, more than 20 legislators left for trips to Hawaii, China, Brazil, and other destinations, with some paid largely by healthcare, energy, and communication companies.

What propositions will be placed on the ballot next year to pay for "education" and other state expenses because they still will not have enough money to do what they have promised? This is one American citizen who sadly is seeing America as the land of broken laws and broken promises. The bottom line is that the government has proven time and time again that we cannot trust them with our hard-earned money.

It is not spent where it is supposed to be spent and only a few reap the benefits.

When will enough be enough?

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