Vaya con Dios

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J. R. FroelichDecember 27, 2012 

I grew up in Phoenix, Ariz., where Mexican culture greatly influenced my life. Don't ever stand between me and an El Cid taco or good Mariachi music. My childhood friends of Mexican heritage were not here to make a 'new' Mexico, they came to be Americans. With our government's assistance, that American dream has faded.

Few Americans look forward to 2013 with hopeful anticipation. Did I say 'few?' Actually, the voting majority asked for and got four more years of the same campaign drivel, more debt, more taxes and less freedom.

Senator Obama fiercely vilified President Bush for the 'China debt' but as president, tripled it. Democrats, which I now refer to as Sociocrats, love to hate President Bush but Lord, don't they love the 'Bush Tax Cuts.'

Apparently President Obama and the Sociocrats prefer 98% of Mr. Bush's tax plan. Even fellow Sierra Star columnist Alan Cheah thinks Mr. Bush's tax rates would make a fine Christmas present for the 98%. After four years we have more debt, birth control for college coeds, and more pretty words from the community organizer from Chicago.

Presidents Reagan and George H.W. Bush came to the 'compromise' table, agreed to tax increases in exchange for spending cuts. Tax increases happened, but Congress forgot about the spending cuts. And Sociocrats expect us to trust them to 'compromise' again? Their only plan is to print and borrow more money, give it to 'struggling' businesses which falter and then China buys them. China is now a major customer for American real estate.

All Americans should have the right to work in this country but alas, our president, some states and most unions just don't see it that way. Perhaps my fellow columnist Peter Cavanaugh will explain why some Americans shouldn't have the right to work. Lord knows there are too many who think they have the 'right' to welfare without any effort at all.

The labor union tail that wags this dog was well represented in a recent event in New York's Times Square. Cablevision in New York, held a fundraiser for pancreatic cancer research. The CEO of Cablevision and a few of his friends sang and played at the event. The Communications Workers Union held a protest because they had the 'right' to play. Recent union events in Michigan, have to be one of organized labor's most despicable moments.

If that isn't enough to give you a warm and fuzzy union feeling, just get on your computer and watch explain the "New CFT ... need for wealthy to pay fair share of taxes," narrated by Socialist Ed Azner. This anti-success propaganda is paid for by the California Federation of Teachers Union. I thought our teachers were supposed to help make us successful. Apparently, the voting majority is anti success and pro mediocrity. So, what exactly is the purpose of our current government controlled education system?

For too long President Obama's administration has been evasive about the murder of four Americans in Benghazi. They can't even confirm where the buck stopped when American weapons killed one of our Border Patrol agents. Four months and our campaigner-in-chief can't call his Mexican amigo to release our Marine being held in Mexico. American justice for all' should be under investigation.

If you want to be successful in 2013 all you have to do is mock moral and fiscal responsibility, promote immoral vulgarity, get rich, pay more taxes and explain it all to our Creator in the nano-second following your death. Without recognition and respect for our Creator there will be only Hell to pay.

With all of the scientific and medical technology we are blessed with, there is no cure for stupid. It's time to remove all the product warning labels and let the evolutionary processes so many believe in clean out the gene pool. I recommend Fox News if you want to know what happened yesterday. If you want to know what's going to happen tomorrow watch the History and Military Channels.

As we approach the year of our Lord 2013, I simply 'wish' you a happy new year. I dread the havoc the voting majority has dealt this nation. With the influence of my Arizona friends, I say Vaya con Dios, 'Go with God.' In God is our hope. The change is up to us.

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