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Gregg DodderidgeDecember 27, 2012 

Former Yosemite High School basketball players came from near and far last Saturday to participate in the school's alumni game, a fundraising event for the basketball programs at the school.

About 20 women and 15 men participated in a fun, and very competitive evening. The event, organized by YHS girls basketball coach Gary Blate, was well attended by more than 300.

The women took the court for the opening game and and it looked like nothing much changed since their playing days.

All participants in the women's game were from the class of 2002 and above -- a group of former Lady Badgers who know plenty about winning.

Since taking over the women's program in 2002, Blate has guided his programs to 10 straight league titles and four CIF championships. Blate's teams were disciplined and well coached. Blate has made the women's program elite and even though many years have passed for most, the play didn't show it.

Women players were: Jennifer Blate,Karras Blate, 'Nathalie Olveda, Alyssa Sayre, Sonya Eggleston, 'Dori Larson, 'Ashley Stearns-Lassos, arylyn Dierberger, Michelle Lalev, the schools' all-time leading career scorer Katie Menton, Ashley Nichols, 'Trish O'Neill, Emily Richie, Samantha Norberg, Lauren Rolff, Taylor Jensen, 'Alex Long, Amanda Rudd, and Bri Smith '11.

The "light blue team" beat the "dark blue team" 74-50.

The light blue team was led by Menton, the former Pepperdine University four-year player (18 points), Sayre (14), Smith (12) and Karras Blate (10) defeated the "dark blue team" led by Stearns-Lassos (10), Norberg (9), Eggleston (8) and Nichols (6).

Seven of the girls played collegiate basketball.

Of all participants, men or women, Menton has more CIF championship rings than anyone in the history of the school - four -- to go along with her six school records.

The men's players were: Mac Blate, Brian Denum, Clayton de Graff, Jake Dodderidge, Evan Ewert, Harley Glines, Jackson Glines, Garrett Jensen, Robert Mascola, 'Brandon Matthews, 'Corey Miller, Aaron Nichols, Joey Ramirez, Larry Ramirez, 'Sean Ratchford, Justin Smith and David Turpin. Menton also played in the men's game.

The "blue team" beat the "white team" 66-55.

The "blue team" was led by the Glines brothers Harley (16) and Jackson (15), Miller (14), Nichols (7), Ewert (6), Jensen (6) and Mascola (6) defeated the "white team" led by Dodderidge (10), Ramirez (10), Ratchford (8), Blate (8), Turpin (7) and Menton (6).

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