Twisted and illogical

Letter to the editor 12/27/12 edition

December 27, 2012 

Dear Editor,

After reading Alan Cheah's column in the Dec. 20 Sierra Star, I have one thing to say to him -- please wake up.

The financial hole this nation is in just keeps getting deeper and deeper. The chances of our future generations having anything like the "American Dream" are becoming more and more dismal. The Senate (Democrat majority) has not passed a budget in four years, let alone a balanced one.

We've got a high speed rail costing billions that nobody wants. Our president's family takes multi-million dollar vacations while we struggle to get food on the table. We pour more money into countries that hate us than we give to help our own. It makes no sense.

Americans are crying for fiscal responsibility from their elected representatives. They are sick and tired of the irresponsible actions of everyone in Washington, D. C. and Sacramento. But no one has the courage to take a stand against such irresponsible spending because of the kind of mindless criticism wannabe intellectuals like you heap on them.

I may not like some of the choices being proposed, but I'm glad at least some are making an effort to start the dialog before it becomes too late. But you call them Scrooges. That is twisted and illogical. If we don't act now, making the hard choices and taking strong steps to curb the outlandish spending habits of our federal and state legislatures, pretty soon there will be no money left in the till and everyone will be suffering far worse hardships than the steps being proposed now.

To quote an old adage, "If you're not part of the solution then you're part of the problem." You, Mr. Cheah, and those like you, are part of the problem.

Steve Hall, North Fork

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