The Mayans' end of the world

Area seniors plan to celebrate the ominous 12/21/12 with good food

Tiffany TuellDecember 20, 2012 

According to the Mayans, we only have a few hours left on this planet we call home before it's annihilated and we're all history. However, it seems Mountain Area seniors just aren't buying the prediction. In fact, they plan on having a festive dinner together tomorrow at the Sierra Senior Center, regardless of the outcome.

"It's (end of the world) coming a little sooner than I thought," said Lynn Hamilton, laughing. "How many times have we gone through this? We will all be enjoying our comfort food night."

If the world still exists Friday, dinner will be held from 5-7 p.m. with no seating after 6:30 p.m. There will be ham, scallop potatoes, vegetables, salad, dessert, coffee and punch and entertainment -- all for $8 per person. Reservations are required.

Many seniors have already made their reservation with no qualms about the Mayan's ominous date.

"That's ridiculous," said Clariss Cassin. "How would it end? Is the whole planet going to blow up? I don't worry about things that aren't going to happen."

Frank Jackson only has one wish for the end -- "I hope it happens after lunch."

Paula Kapiloff had two words for the Mayan prediction -- "It's garbage," she said. "If you're with who you love, that's what counts."

Duncan McDiarmid said the dinosaurs already got wiped out and he's lived lived long enough anyway.

Tammy Summerville's been busy watching the Discovery Channel and says the Mayan's got it all wrong because they calculated their dates wrong. Besides, she says when the end comes she just doesn't want to know about it.

Carol Macaulay says she has her own method of seeing if it's the end of the world.

"I always check the obituaries to see if it's the end of the world before I get out of bed," she said, laughing along with the rest at her table.

For Janice Matthews, she had one positive thought if the Mayans are right -- "I don't have to clean house," she said, jokingly.

But, just in case the prediction is accurate, Joyce Halderman does have one wish.

"I'd like to ski one more time," she said, laughing.

Zona Cahill says if it does happen, she bought a lot of hams for the 'End of the World' Comfort Food night for nothing.

"I have to look at it with a sense of humor because there's nothing else we can do," Cahill said. "I'll either see you on the 22nd or up there (glancing upwards) -- But not if they don't have bingo."

Details: Sierra Senior Center, (559) 683-3811.

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