Worn out slogans

Letter to the editor 12/19/12 edition

December 13, 2012 

Dear Editor,

I read many letters to The Fresno Bee that are thoughtful, but most of the political letters just repeat tired media slogans the writers have heard and, without any thinking, repeat as though they are "truths." I read of what Gold intended" or "we've lost our country" or "the illegitimate, socialist, anti-colonialist." The latest sloganeering, concerns "makers," "takers" and the conspiracies of Benghazi or a "narrow" victory, as in a score of 323 to 206. Sounds narrow.

Don't political letter writers take time to think? Or are they like sheep who follow in the direction commanded by barkings broadcast by shepherd dogs? Are those writers "slogan beaters?" American was founded on anti-colonialism -- doesn't anyone know that anymore? Then read a book or two. Take our country back -- to what exactly -- and doesn't any writer think about that?

The country was founded on principles of no female voters, no black voters, no direct election of senators or of its leader either. Is that worth thinking about? Before, like Lenin or Goebbels, or the current group, broadcast their "we want our country back" slogans, don't writers need to think it over before repeating them or writing letters promoting those silly slogans?

Roger Duncan, Coarsegold

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