Close to slavery

Letter to the editor 12/19/12 edition

December 13, 2012 

Dear Editor,

Now that the Democrats have an iron-clad lock in the upper house of the California government and literally control all major offices in the state, we, as a Republicans, have virtually no representation, and the Democrats have no opposition.

California has achieved the status of a euro-Socialist state. In fact, we are not so unlike Iran, Venezuela and Russia. Liberal Democrats are free to enact any legislation they desire without fear of opposition. We, as Republicans, have effectively been relegated as second-class citizens in the state. This is about as close to slavery as it can get.

Our voices may be loud, but will be simply ignored. The only way to escape this tyranny, and it is a form of tyranny, would be to move to another, more politically balanced state. And that, for many of us, is an impossibility. So we will just have to suffer the consequences of higher taxes, deficit spending, the appointment of judges who legislate from the bench, and an attack against our religious beliefs and institutions. God help us.

James Clarke, Coarsegold

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