If you didn't notice, say 'baa'

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J. R. FroelichNovember 29, 2012 

I doubt that very many people noticed that for the past year I have not written any Romney "rah-rah" columns. The closest I got was in my "A business decision" column when I mentioned the applicant being interviewed (alluding to Mitt Romney), in contrast to the totally incompetent incumbent in charge of our country.

For years I have consistently railed against those in power who shape, change, or feebly defend our nation. It will come as no surprise that I truly believe that Barack Obama has our nation on the road to the same destruction currently confronting the European continent. We are on the destructive path overwhelmingly described within our planet's history. I believe, based on history, that every "super power" is eventually brought savagely low. We're on the brink.

Our nation, bent on the philosophy of "what's in it for me," has turned its back on the founding principles of God given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

When I write about liberty and justice for all someone counters by writing that I want to return to the days of slavery with no voting privileges for women. I write about the eminent need to secure our southern boarder and someone writes that I want to invade Mexico City. I have proved in this column that the current price of gasoline is about the same as it was in 1940 but ignorance still blames the greedy blood sucking oil companies. Is it stupidity, jealousy, or just a vile attack against reason? From where comes the voting majority's "right" to have what it has not earned?

Why is it congress's fault when Barack Obama is president but George Bush's fault with a democratically held congress? Apparently three separate branches of government does not insure national intelligence. What we have is a voting majority whose popular chant is, "Hell yes we want (fill in the blank)." The same chant incidentally, being heard throughout Greece and Spain.

The recent Democratic Party convention conducted a most despicable vote regarding whether or not to include God in their platform and not one Mountain Area Democrat said a word. Why? Is the voting majority simply a bunch of sheep? Are they ashamed of the fact that our nation was founded upon the rights given to us by our Creator? Where's the "leader" of the Mountain Area Democratic Party? Is the voting majority a bunch of cowards or don't they believe in our Creator?

Richard Nixon said, "I am not a crook" when most of us knew differently. Our fact hungry national news organizations, eventually followed by our "justice" department, proved it. Mr. Obama, by his actions, seems to say "I'm not an incompetent socialist" and our major news organizations are busy worshipping at his feet.

We have four Americans murdered in Benghazi, Libya and the only thing our president can say with any clarity is "It's under investigation." The national news media celebrities are sweeping it under the rug and mumbling under their collective breath. Is the voting majority not concerned about this administration's major security blunder or just too ashamed of the feeble cover up?

Sheep didn't drive King George's troops from our country in 1776. Sheep didn't send them packing again in 1812. Sheep didn't unite our nation in 1864 or deny German dominance in 1917. Sheep didn't crush Hitler's Nazis or Imperial Japan in 1944. And yet we sit, like national sheep, worshipfully awaiting a charismatic nobody promising food stamps in every home and free health care for all at premiums and taxes no one can afford while the country goes bankrupt.

Four years ago the winning slogan was "Hope and Change," now the slogan is "It's Under Investigation." We are in desperate need of more patriots who actually know the words to our National Anthem. In the mean time, I recommend an old Yale University drinking song to the voting majority. To all of the sheep out there I dedicate The Wiffenpoof song:

"We're poor little lambs who have lost our way,

Baa, baa, baa.

We're little black sheep who have gone astray,

Baa, baa, baa.

Gentleman songsters off on a spree,

Doomed from here to eternity.

Lord have mercy on such as we,

Baa, baa, baa."

Note: 50% does not a mandate make. Baa, baa, baa indeed.

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